Overcoming Grief with Synchronicity, Sunshine, and the Power of Story – Author Lori Nayehalski Publishes New Novel Exploring Love and Hope in a Chaotic World

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author and artist Lori Nayehalski announced she had published her first novel, “There Once Was a Girl From Nantucket,” expanding on her original screenplay by the same title. “Nantucket” follows the life of a single mom – Ellie Edward – through a series of adventures navigating the life of a single mother who discovers love in the most unexpected, synchronous way. And when an amazing new guy walks into her life, Ellie thinks she has finally found what she’s always needed. But life is never that simple. Another man, just as wonderful, happens to come knocking as well – and may not be all that he appears to be. “There Once Was a Girl From Nantucket” is available as a limited-edition autographed copy, or in standard editions via Amazon.

Working through the agonizing grief at the tragic death of her father Edward, Lori talks about writing “Nantucket” as a way to heal:

“You never get over the loss of a parent because it leaves behind this deep, empty gulf. This is especially true when you lose a parent to a cruel and ruthless thief like cancer. You can cry an ocean of tears, but it just never seems to be enough to wash away that pain. And maybe a part of you never wants to be totally free of grief – because it honors your loved one’s passing. So I channeled it instead.”

“I went to London, learned the art of screenwriting, and wrote the original screenplay for ‘Nantucket,’ before later turning it into a full novel. Creating all of Ellie’s life dramas served as a catharsis for my own – a transmutation of my own pain. I always look for the spiritual in everything I do, especially in art. And there’s always magic hidden there when I do. For example, I found my father again, on the other side of this writing and grieving process. He returns to my life now in a lot of little, wonderful ways. As a guardian spirit – my Angel, Ed.”

On her move to California, her daughter, and learning to let go:

“I think most writers put a little bit of themselves in many of their main characters. Ellie and I are both from the Nantucket region of course, and we share other similar characteristics. We’re strong, single parents; we want a full life, security, and lasting love, but we don’t want to sacrifice who we are to get it. And what she ultimately finds – because I found it first – is that the universe has a way of providing everything you need, in the most synchronous of ways. You just have to let go, live in the moment, and believe. That may sound overly optimistic, but it’s absolutely true. I’m teaching my daughter – my little pearl – this exact lesson. We spend all of our free time together on the beach if we can, making art and enjoying the sun: that purest of light. It’s a constant creation process, our lives. And I’m so thankful for each day.”  

Follow the book at: www.ThereOnceWasAGirlFromNantucket.com. Or learn more about Lori Nayehalski and her textile, umbrella art at: www.PearlEdwardBeach.com.

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