O’Shaughnessy Ventures Awards $100,000 Fellowship Grant to Viral Singer-Songwriter Creating Original Hindi Songs

Justh, Who Has Experienced a Spectacular Rise to Fame Since Releasing His Song “Chor,” Will Use His $100,000 O’Shaughnessy Fellowships Grant to Continue Producing Music While Retaining Full Artistic Control of His Musical Future

GREENWICH, Conn., April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — O’Shaughnessy Ventures LLC (“OSV”), an investment firm that empowers creators, has awarded an O’Shaughnessy Fellowship to Justh, a singer-songwriter based in India.  

Justh, who has achieved viral success in India, will continue to develop his craft as a musician by independently creating original songs and music videos.

Justh, who received a $10,000 O’Shaughnessy Grant in 2023, independently released his Hindi song “Chor” in December 2023 (OSV is an executive producer). Defined by Justh’s mysterious but memorable lyrics, the multi-layered song has rocketed to 18 million YouTube views and over 17 million Spotify listens as of April 25, 2024. In February 2024, “Chor” reached the summit of Spotify’s “Viral 50 – Global” playlist and was featured on Instagram by Spotify India. Justh has appeared on multiple Indian news channels in connection with the song’s success, while several Indian celebrities have performed their own versions on Instagram.

Following the success of “Chor,” Justh received several significant financial offers from Indian music labels. Wishing to retain artistic control over his future, he rejected these offers and will continue to produce music independently, with OSV’s support.

Atman Pandya, who leads OSV’s Fellowship program, commented; “Justh’s success epitomizes the power of small grants to create an outsized impact. We’re delighted to welcome him to the Fellowships program and to support his mission to create soul-stirring music while retaining unfettered artistic independence.”

Justh said; “I am really happy and excited to be part of the OSV Fellowships this year. I am extremely grateful to Jim and the entire OSV team for showing faith in me. The OSV grant last year was a game changer for me, and I believe it was a big reason for my song “Chor,” doing so well. Going forward, I hope to dive deep into my internal truths and create some of the most beautiful songs ever created in this world.”

About Justh

Based in India, Justh is a singer-songwriter creating original Hindi songs with poetic lyricism as their backbone. He has a unique songwriting style and is focused on creating beautiful and fresh pieces of art for the world.

He qualified as a chartered accountant and worked as an auditor at KPMG, but his instinctive interest in melodies and poetry led him to music. He has performed live in India and the United States.

More about Justh can be found on his website and his “Jist Spotlight” profile on the “Jist” YouTube channel. 

About the Fellowship Program

OSV launched the O’Shaughnessy Fellowships in 2023. It is a one-year program for ambitious people who want to build something great. Fellows receive a $100,000 grant and access to OSV’s network of founders, investors and experts to support them in bringing their projects to life. More information about last year’s Fellows is available on OSV’s website.

In 2024, OSV will award ten $100,000 Fellowships. Applicants for the Fellowships will also be considered for its sister program, the O’Shaughnessy Grants. Under this program, OSV will make twenty additional $10,000 grants to promising creators, who will also be provided with access to OSV’s network.

Applications for the Fellowships remain open until and including 30 April 2024. Creators interested in applying can do so via OSV’s website.

About O’Shaughnessy Ventures

OSV is a creative investment firm that empowers and inspires creators to bring their ideas to life. Founded by Jim O’Shaughnessy, a pioneer in quantitative investing, founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, and author of four books on investing, OSV aims to provide financial support and to partner in growing the next life-changing creative ideas.

OSV combines Jim’s deeply rooted interest in all things art, science, investing, and tech with his long-held desire to establish scenarios designed to help promising creators and their inspiring ideas succeed, regardless of age, location, job history, or level of education. For more information, visit https://www.osv.llc.

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