O’Shaughnessy Ventures Awards $100,000 Fellowship Grant to Prolific Science and Philosophy Podcaster

Curt Jaimungal Will Use His $100,000 O’Shaughnessy Fellowships Grant to Develop an Interdisciplinary Research Platform and Grow His Podcast, “Theories of Everything”

GREENWICH, Conn., May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — O’Shaughnessy Ventures LLC (“OSV”), an investment firm that empowers creators, has awarded an O’Shaughnessy Fellowship to Curt Jaimungal, a podcast host and mathematical physicist based in Toronto.

Jaimungal will continue to build his podcast, “Theories of Everything,” which fuses rigorous scientific analysis with profound philosophical inquiry. He will also advance AI, consciousness, and theoretical physics research by expanding “Theories of Everything” into an interdisciplinary research platform and educational hub. This platform will foster collaboration within and between disciplines by producing specialized video series, initiating collaborative research projects with experts and institutions, and hosting events and conferences.

Jaimungal, who holds a degree in mathematical physics from the University of Toronto, launched “Theories of Everything” in 2020. The podcast explores the frontiers of conventional knowledge by engaging with theories across quantum mechanics, consciousness, artificial intelligence, and cosmology. It demystifies complex scientific ideas while maintaining a high degree of technical rigor. Past guests include Noam Chomsky, Bryan Johnson and Scott Aaronson.

OSV’s founder and CEO, Jim O’Shaughnessy, commented, “Curt’s deep domain knowledge, ability to simplify complex topics, relentless work ethic, and high standards together mean he is exactly the kind of creator we believe will thrive in our changing media landscape. We’re delighted to be able to support him in taking “Theories of Everything” to the next level.”

Jaimungal said; “Being granted this Fellowship is both a valued recognition of where I’ve got to and a powerful motivator to keep on building. It will allow me to explore the mysterious realms of physics and philosophy more deeply, aiming to enhance our shared understanding of the universe. It’s an honor and a privilege, and I won’t squander the opportunity.”

About the Fellowship Program

OSV launched the O’Shaughnessy Fellowships in 2023. It is a one-year program for ambitious people who want to build something great. Fellows receive a $100,000 grant and access to OSV’s network of founders, investors and experts to support them in bringing their projects to life. More information about last year’s Fellows is available on OSV’s website.

In 2024, OSV will award ten $100,000 Fellowships. Applicants for the Fellowships will also be considered for its sister program, the O’Shaughnessy Grants. Under this program, OSV will make twenty additional $10,000 grants to promising creators, who will also be provided with access to OSV’s network.

OSV is accepting late applications for the 2024 Fellowships until May 31, 2024. Creators interested in applying can do so via OSV’s website.

About O’Shaughnessy Ventures

OSV is a creative investment firm that empowers and inspires creators to bring their ideas to life. Founded by Jim O’Shaughnessy, a pioneer in quantitative investing, founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, and author of four books on investing, OSV aims to provide financial support and to partner in growing the next life-changing creative ideas.

OSV combines Jim’s deeply rooted interest in all things art, science, investing, and tech with his long-held desire to establish scenarios designed to help promising creators and their inspiring ideas succeed, regardless of age, location, job history, or level of education. For more information, visit https://www.osv.llc.

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