Orange County Design Firm Featured on Marcus Lemonis’ Hit TV Show “The Profit” on CNBC

IRVINE, Calif., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Design and marketing firm Graphicwise ( was featured in CNBCs hit show The Profit in Season 8, Episode 5 titled "Whos The Boss?"

The episode follows the inner operations of a family-owned company called Sonoma Coast Spirits, specializing in infused vodkas and gins. As Sonoma Coast Spirits owner Jill Olson looks to expand the businessreach through a partnership with entrepreneur and financial mogul Marcus Lemonis, frustration beings to mount and expectations begin to flare.

To aid with the process of national distribution, Marcus Lemonis proposed a label change for Sonoma Coast Spirits bottles, enlisting the help of Kevin and Ardavan Javid, owners of Graphicwise. "These are friends of mine," Lemonis states as he introduces the twin brothers in their initial appearance. "They specialize in consumer-packaged goods."

Indeed, Graphicwise has spent two decades in the marketing, branding, and design industry, working with a wide array of clients ranging from high-profile celebrities, international corporations, and startups. Within the allotted two-week turnaround time, Graphicwise produced eight unique labels for owner Jill Olson, all of which were on display in the office when The Profit film crew moved its cameras to Irvine, California to capture the moment.

Olsons label selection process can be viewed in the episode as she struggles to select a single label. "You guys are good!" she exclaims. "I cant choose, theyre all good."

As the episode progresses, Jill Olsons vision for the companys direction began to change, eventually scrapping Graphicwise’s label redesign and reverting back to her old labels. When Marcus Lemonis got the news from Graphicwise about Jill’s change of heart, he made it clear to Jill that without the redesigned labels, he wouldn’t want to move forward with his partnership.

When asked about their experience working with their business idol and friend Marcus Lemonis, Graphicwise owners Kevin and Ardavan Javid reflect warmly. "It was an honor to be featured on the show, and chosen to contribute our designs and our vision," Ardavan comments. "We were given complete creative freedom, and we dont take that lightly – its the ultimate key to creating something timeless and exceptional."

Graphicwise continues to collaborate with a wide variety of clients, and while the needs of each client frequently change, Ardavan and Kevin Javids enjoyment of the design and branding process never does. "Its what were passionate about," says co-owner Kevin Javid. "Seeing a company that we’ve helped rebrand, propel to the next level is… simply amazing!"

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