Opera Singer Turned TOP 40 Metal / Punk Artist “BEAUBIE” Debuts His New Song “HIGHWAY DEBRIS” At A Free Market Hugs Concert This Saturday, In Decatur, GA

ATLANTA, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The former 23-year-old opera singer turned metal/punk singer-songwriter BEAUBIE (Christian John Thomas) will be debut his new song in a free live concert at the Market Hugs Musical Showcase this Saturday, March 16, at 7:00PM in Decatur, GA. Market Hugs features musical acts and unique items from a wide array of vendors.

At Age 14 BEAUBIE was performing on stage alongside some of the most recognizable Opera stars on the planet. Then a year later at age 15 he made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall in NYC followed by sold-out performances at concert venues throughout the United States.

Although BEAUBIE spent his early life performing classical music, opera, and musical theater, alternative music was always his passion. At a young age BEAUBIE began writing his own metal/punk alternative songs, inspired by his favorite bands LAMB OF GOD, I WRESTLED A BEAR ONCE, and RINGS OF SATURN, for many years he kept these songs to himself as they were so far removed from the classical training he had known his entire life. During the pandemic, his family relocated their business from Cleveland, Ohio to the Town at Trilith, located adjacent to Trilith Studios, in Fayetteville, GA just south of Atlanta. It was then BEAUBIE began sharing the many songs he had written over the years for the very first time.

In the Fall of 2023, BEAUBIE met Nashville Producer Isaac Middendorf of Promethex Studios. He decided to take the leap and record his first song in Nashville. COMING FOR ME was released on January 26, 2024. Within a few days of release, the song hit the Top 40 on the Heavy Metal / Rock charts gaining stand out reviews and recognition not only here in the USA but also in other countries including Germany, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, and Sweden. The international appeal and the success of the song were totally unexpected.

BEAUBIE is currently in the process of releasing 12 new songs, 1 every 6 weeks, beginning March 29, 2024 with “Highway Debris.” If you don’t what to wait that long you can attend the free concert this Saturday at Market Hugs Musical Showcase and shopping event in Decauter, GA and be the first to hear BEAUBIE’s new song prior to release. For more information or to pre-save BEAUBIE’s new song “Highway Debris” visit: www.Beaubie.com.

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John Thomas