OpenCV 4.9.0 for Android Developers and ARM Collaboration Enhances Android Support with OpenCV 4.9.0

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —, the team behind the widely used OpenCV library for computer vision, has announced the release of OpenCV 4.9.0 through collaboration with ARM Holdings. This new version brings important updates for Android developers, making using OpenCV in Android apps more accessible and ensuring better performance on ARM-powered devices.

Main Updates in OpenCV 4.9.0:

  • Adding OpenCV to Projects: With this update, developers can now include OpenCV in their Android Studio projects efficiently using the Android Archive (AAR) package and Maven Central. This means less hassle when starting new projects or updating existing ones.
  • Advanced Options for Experienced Developers: OpenCV continues to provide the traditional SDK alongside the AAR package for developers requiring advanced configurations, such as incorporating opencv_contrib modules.
  • Additional Features: This release updates Android samples for compatibility with recent Android versions and introduces new capabilities, including DNN-based face detection and QR code recognition.

Why did and ARM collaborate:

The partnership with ARM focuses on optimizing OpenCV 4.9.0 for ARM-based devices, which dominate the Android ecosystem. This collaboration addresses persistent requests from the Android developer community for OpenCV to be natively supported. Android Applications can now leverage the full power of OpenCV, leading to improved app performance and user experience.

What This Means for Android Developers:

This update simplifies the setup process for developers to add powerful computer vision capabilities to their Android apps. Advanced users continue to have the flexibility of SDK-based integrations.

How to Get Involved:

OpenCV is an open-source project, which means anyone interested can help make it better. encourages developers worldwide to contribute, whether by adding code, giving feedback, or just using OpenCV in creative ways.

Support and Future Developments: also offers help with custom projects and welcomes contributions to improve OpenCV. This support helps ensure OpenCV can continue offering developers features and optimizations. We strive to keep OpenCV contemporary, commercial-free, and a favorite of the Computer Vision community.

Anna Kogan