Onecent Technology Celebrates World Oceans Day with a Wave of Interactive Events

HONG KONG, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Onecent Technology, a global leader in interactive entertainment, is proud to announce its celebration of World Oceans Day with a series of engaging and educational events across its popular game franchises. As part of its mission to “connect the world through games”, Onecent Technology is leveraging its massive global reach to raise awareness about ocean conservation and sustainability.

World Oceans Day, celebrated annually on June 8th, aims to inspire action to protect our oceans and marine life. Onecent Technology recognizes the importance of this day and has curated a special lineup of activities within its games to engage players in meaningful ways.

Players of PKGaga and Ocean Balls can expect to see themed challenges, virtual clean-up events, and educational content highlighting the importance of oceans in our ecosystem. Through these initiatives, Onecent Technology aims to foster a sense of responsibility and stewardship among its players, encouraging them to take real-world actions to protect our oceans.

“We are excited to celebrate World Oceans Day with our global community of players,” said CEO of Onecent Technology. “Our games have the power to not only entertain but also educate and inspire positive change. By engaging our players in meaningful experiences centered around ocean conservation, we hope to make a tangible impact in raising awareness and driving action for a healthier planet.”

In addition to in-game events, Onecent Technology is partnering with environmental organizations to support ocean conservation efforts. Through these partnerships, the company will contribute to initiatives such as beach clean-ups, marine wildlife protection, and plastic waste reduction campaigns.

As a company headquartered in Hong Kong, Onecent Technology is also committed to promoting sustainable practices within its operations, including reducing carbon emissions, minimizing plastic usage, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

Players can join the World Oceans Day celebrations in Onecent Technology’s games starting June 8th, where they can play their part in protecting our ocean environments.

About Onecent Technology:

Onecent Technology is a global leader in interactive entertainment with a mission to connect the world through games. With a massive global reach in more than 150 countries and regions, the combined diverse portfolio of popular game franchises has been downloaded more than 5 million times on mobile, including PKGaga, PKLudo, and Ocean Balls. Founded in 2016, Onecent Technology is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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