One of One Productions Launches Accessible Podcast Production Kits

FORT LEE, N.J., March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One of One Productions, a minority-owned and operated production company released a series of accessible and professional-grade podcast production kits for at home use. In response to the 2020 podcast boom, their studio-quality kits are equipped with microphones, audio input interfaces and microphone stands to make content creation easy for new voices.

The pandemic has increased the amount of podcast listeners to 40% (Spoken Word Audio Report, 2020). In a study conducted by Edison, only 22% of current podcasts are produced and hosted by women. One of One believes these audio production kits can be key in increasing diversity in podcasting.

“By making equipment more accessible to more people, we hope to see more diverse voices emerge in the podcast space. More diverse voices will mean more diverse listeners. Affordability or just not having the technical background to know what equipment to purchase will hopefully be less of a barrier to entry for aspiring content creators. We’re proud to be a part of forward movement in the media production space,” One of One Co-Founder Joy Pratcher explains.

Two-Thirds of the One of One’s leadership is female. Their team includes Entertainment litigator, Pratcher and Fela Davis, Engineer and inductee of Full Sail University’s Hall of Fame. Pratcher and Davis take the lead in increasing female diversity in the podcast space. Their three-part leadership also includes Chief Engineer Denis Orynbekov, who wrote and produced music that was licensed by MTV, PBS, Oxygen and many others.

Collectively, the One of One team has worked with names like Atlantic Records, Grammy-winning artists like Christian McBride, MTV, Sirius XM, NPR and more. The trio has leveraged their industry connections with brands like Lewitt and AKG to curate the perfect, premium podcasts kits for high-quality audio experiences for the next generation of podcasters. One of One has always amplified unheard voices in digital media by providing space for them to record in their Fort Lee studio. Shifting towards the at-home arena and new voices, the kits will simplify production with one comprehensive solution at an affordable price.

One of One Productions was founded by Joy Pratcher. In 2017, Joy had a growing desire to create and produce media content. After meeting with Fela Davis and Denis Orynbekov of 23dB Productions and creating their podcasts, the trio realized there was no comfortable and professional space for businesses to record in New Jersey or New York City. Joy, Fela and Denis felt confident partnering up to create this unique space for podcasting near New York City!

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