One Giant Foot-Shaped Pillow, Two Surfer Thieves and an Ancient Hawaiian Scroll Set the Stage for a Comedy Movie Adventure Too Wild to Be Total Fiction: Hot Foot!

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hot Foot Films and screenwriter Frank Sacks announced they are knee deep into development and casting of the next great physical action comedy. Written by Sacks and producer of HBO’s “Extreme Justice” and writer of “Nico the Unicorn,” the “Hot Foot!” script has also attracted the talents of award-winning Canadian director, Graeme Campbell, along with casting producer JP Stanley and Chelsea Fenton (PGA). Scripts currently going out to international sales agents for film partners attending the American Film Market. “Hot Foot” will be filmed in 2024 on location in both Maui and Los Angeles with post-production in Toronto.

Hot Foot: The Synopsis

It is 1972 in Waikiki. 24-year-old Spencer Shepherd arrives with more hope than dollars in his pocket, planning to open a new retail store selling waterbeds and exotic pillows to the locals. Within hours of opening the doors though, two local surfer kids decide to steal the store’s advertising icon sitting out front on the sidewalk. The “Hot Foot” is a giant foot-shaped pillow, representing the “hang ten” culture of the times. But what the thieves don’t know is the Hot Foot is an ancient messenger from the future.

Spencer, along with his new employee Lynn Gold and mutual friend Moki Harada, leap into action, calling more reporters and setting off a media frenzy that includes a pillow-sales bonanza and an overnight island sensation as the real story turns the foot into an icon and a tsunami wave of news. But despite all that, the Hot Foot pillow is still missing. And the theft has unleashed the legend of an Ancient Hawaiian messenger determined to track down the thieves.

Hot Foot: The Director

Graeme Campbell’s first feature film “Murder One” had a successful North American theatrical release, leading to other films like “Journey Into Darkness: The Bruce Curtis Story” (aka “Deadly Betrayal”), a TV movie which won six Gemini Awards including Best TV Movie, and Best Director. Graeme’s extensive television credits include: “Outer Limits,” “Degrassi,” “Instant Star,” “Eleventh Hour” as well as numerous movies and miniseries for television including “Saying Yes to Christmas” for Lifetime, “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” for the Hallmark Channel, and “Everest” for CBC. Graeme also directed “Nico the Unicorn,” released worldwide on streaming platforms. The book was also adapted by Sacks and published by St. Martin’s Press, NY.

Hot Foot: The Producers
  • JP Stanley, Executive Producer and Casting Director: Stanley has worked with globally recognized brands and artists such as Apple, Mariah Carey, Samsung, Jonas Brothers, LG, Netflix, Billie Eilish, Pepsi, Lexus, Maserati, A.J. Mitchell, Frito Lay, USPS, Wendy’s, Geico, Grubhub, Hyundai, and more. He has also worked in the casting department on several feature films including Hulu’s “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” Netflix’s “Work It, Carter,” and “They Cloned Tyrone.” Stanley has cast several award-winning short films such as “American Oxygen,” and “Escape.”
  • Chelsea Fenton, (PGA) Producer’s Guild of America: Chelsea has produced six feature films including the upcoming “The Mattachine Family,” and “MFA” (SXSW World Premiere). She has produced for Buzzfeed, Funny or Die, and Ripley’s “Believe It or Not! Carnival of Curi-Oddities.”

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