OmMuse Redefines Music Catalog Storage and Organization with the Launch of its Innovative Music Tech Platform

OmMuse is Easing Musicians and Producers’ Creative and Production Processes, Paving the Way with Easy-To-Use Online Tools in Today’s Evolving Dynamic Music Landscape.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OmMuse, a groundbreaking music tech platform, is thrilled to announce its official launch. With a mission to empower musicians and producers, OmMuse offers a suite of innovative online tools that are set to reshape the music industry.

OmMuse acknowledges music creators’ challenges and offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies music production, collaboration, and management, described further in this Digital Music News article.

OmMuse’s unique-to-the-music-industry features include:

  • Unparalleled music catalog storage. Musicians, producers, record labels, publishers, and talent management can enjoy substantial free storage. Additionally, they have access to paid tiers and an Enterprise option, facilitating effortless organization and management of their creations or their client’s music catalog through OmMuse’s unique machine-learning model.
  • One-of-a-kind networking hub. Musicians and producers can expand their musical networks through the OmMuse Explore page and encrypted messaging features. With over 500 users already signed up for their beta platform, OmMuse offers a dynamic space to connect, create, and collaborate.
  • Professional AI Music Mastering. OmMuse has partnered with, ensuring effortless music mastering, and providing professional-grade music promptly. With 14 presets, users can precisely tailor the sound dynamics to complement their music. 
  • AI-Powered Music Creation. OmMuse is developing an innovative machine learning AI tool that promises effortless music production to aid musicians and producers with their creative process and artistry. Launching soon.

“Our vision is to reform the music industry by more efficiently aiding musicians with their creative process while deriving more value from their work,” says Vivek Patel, OmMuse’s CEO. “We’re doing this by leveraging the latest tech in AI and blockchain, making it ultra-easy for artists to use,” he adds.

OmMuse’s launch marks a pivotal moment, promising a brighter future for global musicians and producers. As the platform takes its first steps, it invites them to join the journey and experience its limitless possibilities.

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About OmMuse 

OmMuse’s mission is to facilitate accessibility, creativity, and collaboration of music creation, production, and distribution through leveraging the latest tech available.

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