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BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A healthy and happy childhood should be a foundation to build strength and love to enter adulthood as kind and responsible citizens. The five siblings in this true story Two Sisters & The Four Leaf Clover (Trilogy 2021) by Sara Shaw did not have that chance. Abused sexually and physically throughout their childhood, their lives were compromised from a young age by an abusive stepfather. Their mother was also terribly abused and felt powerless to stop it.

Author Sara Shaw takes the reader on an intimate journey of the lives of two sisters and their families from the Great Depression to the present. At age sixteen both married to escape their unhappy home life. Unfortunately, their paths dangerously affected not only their lives, but also the lives of their children who were growing up in another turbulent time in history, the 60’s. Shaw’s detailed historical timeline woven into the story creates a better understanding of those times.

Shaw who is the daughter of one of the sisters believed that finding a four leaf clover as a child would change her life, not expecting what would happen. She prayed every day for a better life. Her life and her brother and sister’s, she discovered later, was not as chilling and horrendous as her cousins’, who early on lived nearby, but then moved. Sara’s family rarely saw them after the move. Connecting later in life after the death of their mothers, the cousins’ story unfolded, devastating Sara. She felt a powerful sense of urgency to tell this important story by writing a book to help her cousins heal. Psychologist Michael Koller agrees, “It is admirable when an author can capture the real, true feelings of tragedy and then the triumph that results from underlying hope and perseverance. I applaud Sara for having the courage to write such an important book that takes all the skeletons out of her familial closet.”

When Sara recalls certain true-life events she wrote about in her book, an overwhelming sadness washes over her. “Even today, I am still shocked to the very core, yet my cousins’ remarkable courage far surpassed what I had ever known about them.” This is not a story of despair and hopelessness. It is a story of hope, courage and restoration. Their survival became about finding God, having hope and working to build a new life out of the rubble.

For video interviews of Sara and her cousins and for more information, visit the web at www.SaraShaw.org
Two Sisters & The Four Leaf Clover is available on Amazon and at your favorite bookstore. Sara is currently working on her next book, Healing Stories.

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