NYC Comedian Todd Montesi to Release NFTS With an Innovative Twist

NEW YORK, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áPopular NYC comedian/content-creator for MONTIKILLAVISION PRODUCTIONS, Todd Montesi, will be releasing his first drop of NFTS to promote and fund his cult comedic webseries PN & FRIENDS. Called “PN-NFTS,” the idea behind the project is instead of hosting a Kickstarter campaign to fund his show, Montesi & his team will create & sell NFTS as digital collectibles to fans & supporters, with the idea being if the project blows up and gets on a major platform (say Netflix or HBO), the PN-NFT will also blow up in value.

How will he create value for these “PN-NFTS?” By incorporating them into the show’s story itself. Says Montesi, “These PN-NFTS will be a lot like Infinity Stones, to use a Marvel reference. They’ll be integral to our show’s Universe, and because of that, holders of these tokens will get both real world value & virtual value from it. The value will be ongoing for all PN-Verse related content & beyond.”

Imagine having an important piece to a pivotal event from your favorite tv show; now imagine how much clout you’d get or benefits received for having such an artifact. The fun utility potential of it is endless! Also in the spirit of crypto, these PN-NFTS will be scarce. “There will only be 1100 created for the entire run of the PN project,” says Montesi. “1,000 for the public, 100 for friends and family, that’s it.” These coins are separated into 3 main categories (Standard, Story & Super Coins) with multiple sub categories to boot.

“We’re collaborating with artists to create these PN-NFTS to make sure that they’ll be hilarious, poignant pieces of art, as well as ‘keys & portals’ due to their smart contract capabilities,” says Montesi. Four artists have been tapped to create the first PN-NFT drops for Montesi. They are Jonathan Kaplan (creator of fun webseries Grading Animals), Indy Film-maker David Woodard (under his crypto alias “BMFUNKMOON”), Hip-Hop street artist & animator Quentias “Magic” Bragg-Guy (from North Carolina) & writer/visual artist La-iya Etc. (from LA). Says Montesi, “We’re developing something really cool, innovative & collaborative in the comedy space, something that is necessary to keep the art of funny fresh. This is going to be so much fun for everybody involved! Owners of our PN-NFTS won’t regret it.” The first drop of PN-NFTS is scheduled for late June.

If you would like more information, please contact Todd Montesi by phone 917-664-1607, or email