NoWhereMan Stuns the CG Industry With 16 Award Nominations In 2020

NEW YORK, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hummingbird Marketing Agency Inc Presents NoWhereMan, the winner of Festigious Film Festival’s Best Animation of The Year and New York Film Awards’ Best Student Film, grabbed public attention in 2020 after getting numerous nominations across different categories. The 5-minute animation utilizes an ironic style to depict a story of a national hero, who goes on the first-time travel experiment in public. The short movie chronicles how the hero gets trapped in the repetitive timeline forever after the experiment implements. It also takes the audience on the rollercoaster journey of how government officials try to hide the ironic truth, announcing the success of the experiment to crowds.

NoWhereMan’s concept design and character-design are absolutely stunning. There’s somewhat of an expressionist influence throughout, which works in favor of the characters and the story,” said Nami Melumad, the film composer.

Chong Liu, director of NoWhereMan, has expressed his astonishment at the performance of the animation, especially being his first publication. “This was my first time creating a narrative film and winning an award is an extreme encouragement for me and the entire team,” he said.  Graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2020 and has accomplished multiple projects with his team and colleagues, with NoWhereMan being a significant start for him. He has attributed his major challenge during the creation to making giant sets and huge amounts of modeling props.

Besides CG creation, Chong has always been addicted to painting and drawing from his youth. He was able to imitate the painting style of Lucian Freud, the famous British portrait, and integrate his understanding of art into NoWhereMan. Chong created characters by using a method called “3D Shading,” combining the simplification of lining and exaggeration of expression with the elements of Lucian Freud’s painting into the project.

This is not the first time Chong is using his understanding of painting in his CG projects. Before NoWhereMan, he created a testing work called Alone with the team, and the project deepened his comprehension of 3D CG design. No matter the messy home after a Friday party night or stadium with no one inside, all of the scenes depict the core concept “everyone is alone in this world.”

Chong is currently preparing his new CG film to be published in the next couple of years. For more information about NoWhereMan and other projects from Chong Liu and his team, please visit –

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