– The Next Big ERC-20 Presale Converges NFTs and the Adult Entertainment Sector

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aiming to bring the revolutionary appeal of NFTs into the adult industries, NFTmotel emerges as a pioneering initiative that is set to disrupt two of the most dynamic and enticing worldwide sectors. On October 22nd, NFTmotel will commence the presale of its native token MOTEL on the Ethereum chain, accompanied by raffles with prizes totalling up to $475,000 once the presale sells out – including a mint-condition 1967 Ford Bronco for one lucky investor.

With the advent of blockchain innovation, is bringing Web3 Adult Entertainment to the next level. Overall, NFTmotel opens up completely new and innovative avenues for performers and film studios to fully monetise their content without being required to share their earnings, as NFTmotel will only take fees on the consumer side, in contrast to all of its competitors who take fees on both the consumer and performer sides.

NFTmotel wants to be at the forefront of global Adult Entertainment, which generates around $50 billion annually and is projected to reach $75 billion by 2027. So far, the NFT initiative has already secured a collaboration with one of the largest Adult Entertainment companies in the United States, but it cannot reveal its identity until two weeks before the debut of its website.

MOTEL – The Core Unit of the NFTmotel Initiative

The 0% tax ERC20 token $MOTEL is the core unit of this ecosystem, which will be utilised inside the NFT marketplace to perform all operations while keeping a use case, and its value will increase as the marketplace expands. MOTEL will be utilised via the platform inside all of its capabilities and will be suitable for active trade on the ETH network. MOTEL will begin trading on Uniswap, and certain selected CEX listings will follow the IDO.

MOTEL is a deflationary token, as the founders plan to purchase back and burn a decent percentage of the token supply using the net profit from transaction fees and this way generate a more stable price floor.

Exploring the Cutting-edge Features of NFTmotel

With never-before-seen blockchain technology, is bringing Web3 Adult Entertainment to the next level, allowing customers to experience their favourite stars and models up close and personal like never before. As a solid NFT platform, NFTs allow actors and corporations to prevent unapproved material duplication and distribution and demand platform access from seeing their content.

In addition, users will be able to vote on their preferred model based on the criteria twice a month. “Monarch” is the model with the most votes after 72 hours, acquiring platform-wide advantages. Besides, a model may host a “Room” that creates a personalised, limited NFT Collection accessible exclusively to MOTEL-paying customers. The Room has a capacity and a time restriction. Both limits raise model-hosted room demand.

As VR technology advances, their platform will provide close-up adult enjoyment as home VR headsets become more popular. will provide VR features to the marketplace so users may see their NFTs in action.

Revealing the vision of this breakthrough project, the CEO of NFTmotel, Christie Elizondo, declared, “We stand ready to marry the adult entertainment industry and Web 3.0 to deliver unique and innovative high-quality products and services and a superior user experience. has many features within its platform offerings to ensure the adult entertainment platforms and its many enthusiasts are ready for Web 3.0.”

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