New Single, “Politics,” Premieres Friday, October 9th

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy nominated producers, songwriters, and most importantly, brothers, Reggie and Vincent Calloway announce new and long-awaited music as R&B duo, Calloway. With fans still singing along to the duo’s hit song, “I Wanna Be Rich,” (#2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart), their new single, “Politics,” is set for a highly anticipated release on Friday, October 9th. Reminding listeners to exercise the power to vote in “Politics,” Calloway hopes to bring awareness to voter registration deadlines and encourage electoral participation with this release. 

As lifelong collaborators, the duo has earned Grammy nominations and chart-topping success for co-producing and writing hits like, “Jump Start” (Natalie Cole), “Love Overboard” (Gladys Knight and The Pips), “Casanova” (Levert), “Joy” (Teddy Pendergrass), and “I’ll Be Good For You” (*NSYNC). As performers and founders of the funk group, Midnight Star, the duo coined international hit songs, “Freak-a-zoid,” “No Parking on The Dance Floor,” and “Operator,” while in the band. 

Equally talented apart as they are together, Reggie serves as Director of Music Royalty Funding at Sound Royalties, while Grand Master Vincent has worked as a conditioning coach for several world champion prize fighters. The brothers are thrilled to join forces once again on “Politics” alongside Spiral Galaxy Entertainment in the 30th year chart-topping anniversary of “I Wanna Be Rich.” Calloway’s signature techno-funk stylings, infectious vocal melodies, and powerful lyrics dominate throughout this 2020 Presidential Election anthem. Listeners will be left hard pressed in efforts to not sing along, hit repeat, and feel empowered to vote after one listen of “Politics.” 

“My brother, Vincent, and I have written and recorded, “Politics,” one of the most important songs of our careers, at a time of one of the most important elections of all time,” says Reggie Calloway. “Yes, we have won the right to vote. Now we must exercise that power to vote for the ideals that we hold dear, that lead us closer to the best America. We need to vote for a government ‘of the people, by the people’, for all the people.”

“Please vote, but don’t just vote yourself. Help someone else to vote by helping them understand the process or even taking them to the polls. It is important that this election includes as many people as possible,” Vincent Calloway adds.

“Politics”- Calloway 

Written and Produced by: Reggie Calloway, Vincent Calloway

Engineered by: Reggie Calloway

Mixed by: Rob Chiarelli

Label: Spiral Galaxy Entertainment

Publisher: Calloco Music, Inc | Administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing 

About Spiral Galaxy Entertainment 

Spiral Galaxy Entertainment (SGE) is a fast-paced independent label and digital distribution company. The music division and imprint label specializes in content creation for Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Gospel music. With an emphasis on sync music for all platforms, SGE is a one stop destination.



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