New Research Reveals What Each State Has That’s Bigger than any Other State, Including Some Weird Things

New research conducted by Size Graf sheds light on what each state has that’s larger than in any other. The results show that some of the relatively hugest things in different states are weird and unexpected.

CLAYMONT, Del., March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Every state in the US presumably has something that’s gigantic when compared to the other states. To gain some insight, Size Graf has performed their own research using Guinness World Records to find out what each state has that’s bigger than the other states. The research findings revealed there are several weird items among the most giant things in the US.

Some examples of the largest weird things in the United States include the biggest high heel race in Indiana, flock of birds to invade a house in California, testicle festival in Montana, diaper cake in Texas, dog wedding ceremony in Colorado, ball of human hair in Florida and gathering of people wearing duct tape in Tennessee.

Another interesting observation of the research is that for some reason, Delaware appears to be the only US state with no largest things on record.

“We wanted to know what each state in the US has that’s more enormous than the other states including if there are any interesting stuff to know about, says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Size Graf. “and sure enough, we found several silly big things which most people wouldn’t expect such as Montana’s testicle festival and Indiana’s high heel race.”

To read the full details of the research and learn more about all the hugest things in each state including those that are weird, check out the following link:

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