New Report Reveals Consumers’ Strong Interest in On-Demand Content from Local Media Personalities, Necessity for Modern Distribution Models

Local media personalities outrank celebrities and social media influencers, while digital media consumption outpaces broadcast.

CLEVELAND, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New research released by technology firm Futuri reveals important shifts and opportunities in consumers’ relationships with local media on various distribution platforms.

Research released in the latest update to Futuri’s ongoing Future of Audience and Revenue series found a robust appetite from American consumers for on-demand audio and video content, specifically from local media personalities and local business owners/leaders.

The research also projects modest growth or, for some demos, decline in local broadcast media consumption in the coming year. Together, these findings point to a critical need for local broadcasters to reassess their distribution strategies and reliance on appointment viewing and listening.

Online interviews were conducted with more than 1,200 18- to 64-year-olds throughout the United States. Select findings include:

When asked “If the following people were to publish more on-demand audio and/or video content free of charge, how likely would you be to watch or listen to their on-demand content,” local media and businesses topped the list:

  • Local TV weathercasters and meteorologists: 49% Likely/Very Likely.
  • Local TV news reporters and anchors: 46% Likely/Very Likely.
  • Local business owners and/or business leaders: 43% Likely/Very Likely.
  • Local AM or FM radio personalities: 42% Likely/Very Likely.

These groups were at the top of the list of types of people surveyed, including local or national celebrities (38% Likely/Very Likely), city leaders or government officials (37% Likely/Very Likely), and social media influencers (34% Likely/Very Likely).

When respondents were asked about how they planned to consume local broadcast media in the coming year, the numbers were relatively flat overall, pointing to a decline with younger demos.

  • Overall, we project modest growth for broadcast TV and radio:
    • A net +2% of respondents plan to spend more time watching local TV morning newscasts (31% more often/29% less often) in the next year.
    • A net +2% said they’d spend more time listening to AM/FM radio (28% more often/26% less often).

However, when breaking out the 18-25 Gen Z demo:

  • A net 13% planned to spend less time watching local TV morning newscasts (30% more often/40% less often).
  • Respondents indicated a net 8% decline in likelihood to watch local TV evening newscasts (30% more often/38% less often).
  • When asked about listening to any local AM/FM radio station, a net 3% said they’d spend less time doing so (31% more often/34% less often).

Research presented in Futuri’s latest Future of Audience and Revenue report also projects growth in smartphone usage, streaming video consumption, time spent listening to podcasts, and more forms of digital media. This indicates that broadcasters have an opportunity to fight broadcast plateaus and declines by making that content available on-demand digitally, in both video and audio form. Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig presented the results and commentary in a recent webinar; The full webinar and select materials can be accessed at The podcast audio can also be heard as part of the Anstandig on the Future podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts.

“Our research shows that media companies that leverage local content as a competitive feature of their business plan are at an advantage. There’s strong consumer demand for on-demand content from local TV and radio personalities, as well as local business owners with whom broadcasters can develop compelling content marketing pieces,” said Anstandig. “That said, our research also points to potential declines in broadcast media consumption. By leaning into on-demand broadcast audio and video content, local media companies can take advantage of the rises in streaming consumption and diversify their revenue streams wisely.”

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