New Podcast About Queen Emma of Normandy Just Released

FT. WORTH, Texas, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Historian and author, Deborah Brezina, has now released her new Stones & Bones podcast. Brezina uses knowledge from her extensive travels and research to take us back in time to the trial of Queen Emma of Normandy. Set during the medieval years around 1000 A.D., Queen Emma was accused of the most scandalous crimes of the day—including adultery, treason and, worse yet, the murder of a prince—helping to craft the Europe we know today.

"To talk about and imagine the life of a woman who quite literally shifted the tides of history is absolutely enthralling. The podcast touches on so many aspects of her life—from monarchy to war to romance and scandal—there really is something to intrigue everyone," says the host of the Stones & Bones podcast, Deborah Brezina.

The backdrop: Emma, Queen of England, was put on trial for treason, adultery and murder…the grisly murder of a prince that altered the line of future European kings. Was Emma, the wife and mother of four English kings guilty of kidnapping, torture and murder? Emma of Normandy was a central and powerfully influential figure in the Saxon, Norman and Viking kingdoms. She had as much influence on the shaping of western civilization as Queens Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, Victoria and Bloody Mary.

The 12-episode Stones & Bones podcast can be streamed on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, iHeart, and Audible. New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday making it the perfect binge-worthy podcast.

Deborah Brezina stated, "I’ve poured my life’s work into the story of Queen Emma and I am thrilled to be able to share her compelling story through this podcast. If you love palace intrigue, history, passion, treachery, courtroom trials, stories of Viking warriors and French, Danish and English royalty—you’ll love this podcast."

Brezina provides in-depth knowledge of European history and has been studying Queen Emma of Normandy and the Norman, Saxon and Scandinavian kingdoms for much of her adult life. She sheds light on the traditions, myths and legends of a story that has been virtually ignored by most history books and presents a narrative that is engaging and fascinating. The suspense and mystery of the inner workings of the Norman, Saxon and Viking worlds will have you anticipating the next episode.

Take your seat at the trial of the century and stream the show wherever you listen to podcasts or listen on the Stones & Bones website here: Deborah Brezina is available for media interviews and speaking engagements. Please contact her at
or 865-924-0935.

SOURCE Deborah Brezina: Stones & Bones Podcast