New Growth in the 5G Millimeter Wave Market

Mobile Experts illustrates the “reset” of the market with FWA and rail applications

CAMPBELL, Calif., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Experts released a new report today, highlighting the use cases and product types that are starting to spark new growth in the 5G millimeter-wave telecom market. The past four years have been a difficult time in millimeter-wave technology, but Mobile Experts has been able to identify the bottom-up growth associated with fixed wireless access (FWA), high-density venues (stadiums and airports), private 5G, and transportation applications (metro lines and trains).  

The new forecast provides details of the infrastructure to be deployed through 2029 , including gNodeB and RU shipments, plus repeaters and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS). In addition, the forecast lays out the future for smartphones, consumer premise equipment (CPEs), and IoT devices.

One key addition this year:  Mobile Experts has identified subway/metro trains as a key application, and we have quantified the market opportunity for mm-wave use along the rail lines for both infrastructure and for CPEs/Wi-Fi routers on the trains themselves.

Mobile Experts has based its forecasts on multiple sources, including mobile operators, network vendors, and component vendors. This year, Mobile Experts also created a new model of aggregate capacity in the mobile network, segregating the high-mobility, high-penetration traffic (users at vehicular speeds, or inside buildings) to illustrate the need for low-frequency 5G infrastructure… and created a model of capacity for low-mobility, low-penetration traffic, including FWA, stadiums, and low-speed pedestrian traffic. This has given the analysts a basis for understanding the growth drivers behind millimeter wave networks.

“Mobile operators with widespread outdoor mm-Wave coverage have failed to achieve effective data offloading for their low-band cellular networks,” commented Dan McNamara, Principal Analyst. “As a result, for the past three years the mm-Wave market has been reset to focus on very specific applications. It can be very effective in applications like FWA, private 5G networks, and metro rail connectivity, without requiring every smartphone to include an expensive mm-Wave front end.”

The Mobile Experts report includes detailed analysis of the architectures and technology used in both infrastructure and client devices, with comparisons of performance for radio vendors. New products such as repeaters and RIS panels are analyzed for their feasibility and their fit in the mobile network. The use of Open RAN in the mm-wave market is covered, as well as profiles of many companies in the market. The report also analyzes the spectrum outlook for high-capacity wireless networks and illustrates the reasons that growth in key bands will be likely.

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