New Affordable Unlimited Self Tape Audition Model for Atlanta Actors from My Self Tape Place, Proves Atlanta is as Actor Friendly as it is Production Friendly

ATLANTA, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — My Self Tape Place, located in Atlanta, GA, is proving that Atlanta is just as friendly to actors, as it is to Productions. My Self Tape Place is a new member only Self Tape location that offers UNLIMITED Professional Self Tapes – Reader and minor editing included – to all members. But it gets better-

Their annual membership fee is only $240 per year! And there’s more.

To celebrate their launch, anyone that signs up for an annual membership by 11:59 P.M. on October 25, 2021, using the code: NEWSWORTHY, will only pay $192 for their first year. With episodic season underway and pilot season right around the corner, My Self Tape Place could not have chosen a better time to offer this membership to actors.

Whether they use their unlimited self-tape services to continually train and work out their on-camera kinks, or to be in and out for a quick last minute self-tape audition, My Self Tape Place has them covered.

The pandemic changed the lives of people and businesses everywhere, but it especially had an effect on the entertainment industry, an industry where being up close and personal is the name of the game. A spokesperson for the company said, "[Rightfully so,] for safety reasons casting directors really don’t want to see people in person anymore, with COVID and its sibling strands making people too sick."

But, when it comes to auditioning, actors, shouldn’t be forced to become the camera man, lighting guy, sound tech, and then the performer last. "There’s a reason why people on set aren’t allowed touch the equipment, or do another person’s job. It’s because those individuals are trained in their specific fields, and know what they’re doing – and– because they’re union."

Well, actors are trained to act. That should be their focus, acting.

It’s not affordable or reasonable to expect actors to pay a company for a self-tape session each time they need to send in an audition, nor is it reasonable to say "well, just get all the equipment and do it yourself." That’s why My Self Tape Place now exists.

"Our company is about consistent, affordable access to the tools performers need to do their job. And yes, auditioning is part of the job. It’s about being able to focus on home at home, and when it’s time to act, on acting at our place." – My Self Tape Place.

Get social with them on their new Instagram page @myselftapeplace.

If you’re interested in being a part of their growth, DM them on Instagram.

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