Neon Music Releasing Music Wellness Series for Mental Health Healing

LONDON, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Neon Music, a popular independent music publishing company, announced the beginning of its online music wellness series. Neon Music is making wellness resources available not only to musicians and the technical experts who make it possible to hear their music but also for listeners and those yet to discover a wonderful group of talented artists. The series was conceived to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic—amid the lockdowns that are making everyday life difficult and very different.

“We will be featuring music playlists that provide comfort during difficult times,” said Neon Music’s Editor, Lucy Lerner. “We will also offer articles about music therapy, interviews with artists, and perspectives of those in the music community. We will feature artists who have written all sorts of music for your listening pleasure.”

Some of the music has been inspired by aspects of the global pandemic and songwriters who write their feelings into their music, feelings that can seem overwhelming such as depression, anxiety, and other issues. Music is known as a healing therapy and Neon Music understands that music brings people together. Music can take away fear and give people hope. Neon Music wants its listeners and readers to know that no one is alone. Almost everyone is experiencing all sorts of unfamiliar feelings, perhaps addressing confusing symptoms. Co-Founder Marcus Adetola added, “We welcome you with open hearts and open arms. Come listen to the music!”

Neon Music considers itself a part of the community and will do everything it can to share the gifts of music and peace. Listeners who are living with anxiety and depression will find music to help them breathe, relax and smile. Indeed, mental health experts promote music therapy to help patients with all sorts of feelings that affect people during trying times. The Neon Music series will also focus on helping business services that have been affected during the global crisis. Neon Music’s campaign will be featured in its new Lifestyle Section on the website, promoting positivity through music.

The company is dedicated to sharing music news and updates on its blog. Recently, it was listed in the “The Best Music Blogs in 2021” by As a leader in new and independent music, Neon Music is putting renewed strength behind great unique talents. It supports musicians who would normally be having interactive experiences with their live audiences. These musicians crave the opportunity to do what they do best and especially deserve to be heard by people who love or have not yet heard their music. Neon Music is making sure that their acts are heard and appreciated.

Neon Music began its business as Britznbeatz, a group of writers with a passion for music and to support and nurture the talented artists of tomorrow. It recently rebranded as Neon Music with a more modern branding design and has turned its focus to better serve music lovers globally.

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