Neon Direct Building The Worlds Biggest Neon Light Catalogue

Neon Direct Adding a Plethora of New Items to Their Range.

BELLFLOWER, Calif., June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Neon signs are continuing to be a popular trend in both indoor and outdoor design. Neon Direct ( are a premier LED neon lights company, and they are expanding their catalogue to offer their customers even more choice.

Chris Hinds started his company while working in events where he saw first-hand how popular neon lights were. "Neon lights are bright and welcoming, and they combine modernism with a retro vibe in a way nothing else can," Chris explains. "Neon lights can be used inside and out, and they can enhance any celebration instantly.  It’s easy to see how they became a fashionable choice for people’s interior design. They are so adaptable, using our custom neon light builder you can create any design, I don’t think they will ever fall out of popularity."

Neon Direct has done a lot of research before adding to its catalogue.  "There are some designs that are always popular, but we wanted to offer a choice to everyone no matter their tastes," Chris told us. "We have studied search terms and buying trends and talked to existing customers to try and get an idea of the concepts that people would like to buy."

Neon Direct has designed collections tailored to specific rooms. "The kind of neon wall art you hang in your bedroom is completely different to the kind of thing you would hang in your kitchen or sitting room. We have taken the time to create neon signs that fit into different kinds of rooms, making it easier for our clientele to find what they are looking for. We have noticed that many people now have garden bars or man caves or games rooms, so we have also catered for those rooms."

As summer begins and Covid-19 restrictions are removed, people are starting to have parties again.  Neon Direct have the ideal signs to decorate any kind of event. "I have worked in events for years, so I know how great neon signs can be," Chris says. "We have some signs for a specific event, such as a birthday or wedding, and we have lots that can be used at any event."

If you are looking to join the neon trend, a browse through Neon Direct’s expanded catalogue is an ideal place to start.

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