Need an Energy Boost? Taylor Castro’s New Single “Coffee Eyes” is a Burst of Good Vibes

MIAMI, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In her most upbeat and danceable record to date, indie-pop artist Taylor Castro injects a burst of energy into a lethargic time with her latest single and video, “Coffee Eyes”. The track opens with a mischievous, accelerating, Western-sounding beat and breaks out into a full power-pop dance party with strong, spirited vocals a la Kelly Clarkson or Florence and the Machine. The music video is set in a steampunk coffee shop and was inspired by Gilmore Girls.

“‘Coffee Eyes’ actually started when I thought about what the opposite of “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish would sound like. I’m so excited for it to come out. It’s such a fun one, and the video is my aesthetic coffee shop/steampunk dreams come true!” – Castro

“Coffee Eyes” is the fourth offering from Taylor Castro’s upcoming album GIRL, AFRAID (due in early 2021) which features ten tracks, all written by Taylor. The eponymous first single taps into Taylor’s struggle with OCD, which she hopes will reach other young people struggling with similar issues; the incredibly moving “Girl, Afraid” music video was directed by Michael “Tizzy” McWhorter and storyboarded by Taylor herself.

The second single + video “Abyss” (featuring PMA labelmate Carson Rowland) just dropped in May 2020 and already has nearly 1 million views! You can find “Abyss” and its many remixes on Taylor’s Spotify artist page.

“Be Ok” was Taylor’s third and most recent release, a soothing contrast to the energy and pep of “Coffee Eyes”.

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