National TV Shopping Personality Libby Floyd Enters the Race for California Governor

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Libby Floyd, the popular national TV shopping channel host, formally announces her run for California Governor in the 2021 recall election. Visit to follow her campaign and to learn more about her plan to Make California Golden Again.

Libby first called California home in 1989 when she moved to the Golden State from her hometown of Greenville, S.C. Libby has decided to run for Governor as she has seen California continue to spiral out of control under Newsom’s lack of leadership.

"Californians have had enough. The cost of living continues to rise, crime is increasing at a staggering rate and the homeless crisis is only getting worse. It’s time for a leader with a sense of urgency to stop the bleeding and cut through all the bureaucracy and red tape to tackle these crippling issues."

Trusted by millions of viewers over the last 20 years as a national television host, Libby has appeared on numerous TV shopping networks, including HSN, Shop NBC, Evine, and JTV as well as shopping channels in Canada and London. Her strong work ethic, honesty and integrity have helped generate lifetime on-air sales of over $600 million.

"I’ve watched this beautiful state deteriorate these past few years and it has broken my heart. You can’t just blame it all on the pandemic. These issues were here before COVID came along. Now they’re considerably worse due to Newsom’s mismanagement. Nothing is getting done. I can’t just sit back and watch California crumble. We need action and true leadership. We need a doer, not a talker."

Early in her career, Libby worked in the South Carolina House of Representatives for David Wilkins, former speaker of the house, who later became Ambassador to Canada. During that time, Libby gained insight into the inner workings of government and knew that one day she wanted to serve and represent the interests of the people.

"I’m not a multi-millionaire like other candidates in this race. I’m not owned by special interest groups, nor can I be swayed by them. I am a regular person who understands the struggles of everyday people. I’m ready to fix the problems that are plaguing Californians. My pockets may be small, but my heart is big. I am a fighter and someone who never gives up until I reach my goals. I’m focused on making California golden again."

To help Libby Make Californian Golden Again, you can donate at FloydForGovernor2021.


SOURCE Floyd for Governor 2021

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