National Increase Peace Foundation and Dr. Tony Davis Announce New Faith-based Film, “I FORGIVE”

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gospel recording artist Dr. Tony Davis shares a message of Forgiveness and Triumph over Tragedy through a new faith-based film entitled "I FORGIVE," that’s based on his true life story slated to be released beginning July 5th, 2022, through Bridgestone/BMG Global distribution on streaming platforms across the World.

Dr. Davis and his team are scheduling media interviews and movie screening events across the country to engage with audiences regarding his death experience and the miraculous healing of his leg and voice through forgiveness. The film has a message of forgiveness and a statement to encourage, inspire, and change the mindset of those who are contemplating being a part of a gang lifestyle. 

Academy Award winner Lou Gossett Jr participated in my film as ‘the voice of God", which guided Tony through the most challenging times in his life.

In a world filled with violence and hatred, Tony Davis stood out as a man who gave to those in need. Tony unknowingly became a target in an ongoing gang war through an ironic twist of fate. Shot and left for dead, Tony’s life would never be the same. With his voice gone and a leg in need of amputation, Tony could only turn to God and Forgive whoever had shot him, and by doing so, Tony was miraculously healed.


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