National Geographic Features Naples Underground

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The National Geographic Society is one of the most elite and respected global nonprofit organizations, which is committed to the exploration and protection of the planet. Since 1888, the National Geographic Society has created their impact on Earth by identifying and investing in an international community of Explorers. These explorers take many forms and bring along with them, their expertise as scientists, educators, storytellers, conservationists, technologists, and many others. These are the people who help society to pause, reflect on what’s happening, define some of the critical challenges of the time, in an effort to unearth new information, propose and implement new solutions, while always inspiring transformative change for the better. National Geographic funds hundreds of research and conservation projects around the world each year with an aim of and providing education initiatives and resources which will in turn, inspire new generations.

One such educational feature is their deep dive into the world of Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea). National Geographic paid a visit to the epicenter of Italian geology and archaeology in a time when they deemed that Naples was undergoing a renaissance. They observed that though Naples was once most famous for their Margherita pizza and overflowing city bins, the city now buzzes with pride from the native Neapolitans undergoing a new influx of innovation and inspiration. This is all reflected in the one of a kind ancient cultural landmarks married with a growing notoriety for contemporary art, National geographic raves that Naples of today radiates with “old world charm and revitalization”.

Beyond these broader city charms, in 2018, National Geographic makes specific mention in their “Top 10 Things To Do In Naples” of the Archeological Site – Napoli Sotteranea – known in English as Naples Underground – the city buried 40 meters beneath the heart of modern day Naples. Through their travels to Naples and as a result of conversations with lead speleologist Vincenzo Albertini, President of the Naples Underground Association, they encourage visitors to take a tour with an insightful guide through the remains of Greek and Roman Naples. Some of the highlights they mention include the aqueducts built by the Greeks and expanded by the Romans, the Neapolitan theatre where Nero performed in ages of old, and finally, the tell-tale signs of the city’s underground was used during WWII as an air raid shelter.

This is such a monumental feature and scientific honor to be featured by the world-renowned National Geographic Society and really speaks in testament to the historical, cultural and educational goldmine that is Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea). National Geographic continues to feature Naples Underground in their Neapolitan highlights and has since gone on to invest in video documentaries which honor the site and showcase its marvel to their world-wide viewership.

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