My Sunny Disposition: New Work by Jenny Reinhardt

MONTCLAIR, N.J., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 4Flavors Gallery presents My Sunny DispositionNew Work by Jenny Reinhardt. In this show, Jenny explores the psychology and chaos of the material "here and now" with the contrast of "ethereal" plexiglass portals, an abstract representation of another dimension where beauty and calm reign.

Jenny will display three forms of expression: deeply layered collages representing the material world; plexiglass boxes filled with abstractions of color and LED lights; and "portals" in the form of discs that can be arranged endlessly, like bubbles of universes in an endless ethereal dimension.

Thematically, this show originated from Jenny’s obsession with Versailles, and its glittering distractions of elaborate dress, jewels, and etiquette. Versailles was extreme in its constructs and arbitrary efforts to create a sense of order and power in the world. In Jenny’s layered modern-day "street" influenced collages, the viewer will see a play on materialism, advertising, sexism, and distraction. There is an underbelly of chaos and base human behaviors, disguised by masterful color and texture that is pleasing to the eye. The collages present a clue-filled journey for each viewer to explore.

Jenny pivots to present the idea of an alternative existence: a portal of plexiglass. Through the glass-like lens, light and chroma rule. Jenny fills boxes with color and electric light and presents discs with ghostly traces of human experience, along with astonishing compression of color, glitter, and texture that is undeniably joyful.

A selection of Jenny’s recent solo shows include:
Everything Must Go, CJ.One Gallery, New York City
Drive Like Your Kids Live Here, Peanut Gallery, Summit NJ
The Price of Sugar, Herb and Iris Milley Gallery, SOPAC, South Orange, NJ
Not Your Average: 2-person show with Ricky Heeraman, Clerestory Gallery Montclair, NJ
Palimpsests, Tribeca Gallery, Millburn, NJ

Upcoming Exhibition January 22, 2022:
Museum of Sonoma County "Agency: Feminist Art and Power" 
showing with Judy Chicago, Dotty Attie, Mickalene Thomas, Joan Semmel and other feminist powerhouses.

Jenny graduated from the University of Michigan, majoring in English Literature. She received her MFA Cum Laude from the prestigious New York Academy of Art.

Jenny and 4Flavors Gallery look forward to greeting you on August 5th and hope you will enjoy the opportunity to see the complexity and nuance of her unique works in person. Jenny is eager to participate in a dialogue with viewers, experience their reactions, and will elaborate on all the concepts in her work, including her obsession with physics, time, relativity, spirituality, and what it means to be a woman here in the material world. 

Nickie Robinson

SOURCE Jenny Reinhardt