Musician, Vivian Fang Liu, Releases Children’s Album: Shape of Crowns

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy Award Winner, Jon Samson, declares Vivian Fang Liu’s "songwriting and voice to be equally powerful and deliver multifaceted messaging wrapped in mesmerizing melodies and rhythms for active listeners of any age."

Vivian Fang Liu’s premiere children’s album is a wonderful fun filled and highly imaginative group of songs that you can’t help even as an adult want to stamp your feet, swing back and forth, and sing along to. A thoroughly happy adventure for children and adults alike, reviewed by Sir Vincent Lyn.

Making Music to Help End Asian Hate

Vivian Fang Liu is a brilliantly gifted musician who released her first children’s album, Shape of Crowns, on September 26th, 2021.

Grammy Award winning recording engineer Denise Barbarita says that Liu’s album emphasizes strong messaging that while all kids are different, with different strengths and weaknesses, this uniqueness isn’t a problem to be solved but a gift to all of us. Liu hopes adult listeners – and older children – can connect with the deeper messages resonating in her lyrics. Between topics involving Asian discrimination, stereotypes, and the Coronavirus pandemic.

"I started to make the album in March of this year when Asians were being abused and discriminated due to COVID- 19," Liu admits regarding this devastating truth. "Thousands of Asian elderlies and women were targeted with violence. I want to remind people of the contributions we’ve done in the United States. I want kids to have something they can relate to and be proud of. They should be proud to be Asian American."

Liu and her students organized a virtual fundraising concert, and they managed to raise enough money to buy a thousand self-defense portable alarms for senior centers.

Shape of Crowns – Songs That Unite

Silence is the first song in this album, Liu says that silence is important in music, and, in life. "If I don’t talk, it doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts. People think Asians are silent – are we? People should have the choice to speak up or not and be respected for their opinions.

For Liu’s song, 8 Immortals Soaring Over the Sea, Liu found eight children to sing, representing the Chinese folklore it was based on. The cultural story focuses on eight immortals who have different powers and come together to better the world.  It is through this album, Liu wanted to bring happiness to children, showing them how music brings all the children together no matter what the race, color, nationality, creed, or religion.

In the song Shape of Crowns, we came to the world as different shapes and creatures. Everyone is unique and special and we need to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s differences."     

Vivian Fang Liu

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