Music Video Launched for ‘Miracle 4we’ Song Takes an Alternative Visual Direction

IXOmusic unveils a new Music video for Anjalts latest single, ‘Miracle 4we.’

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The last snow of the year sometimes falls in December between the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and cheers.  And it’s been a busy one for this forward-thinking producer/songwriter and her latest hit single, ‘Miracle 4we,’ which adds a new music video that gets launched this Friday, December 16, on YouTube.

The darkwave video is visually stimulating as it starts with a group of people wearing VR headsets at a party that suddenly gets an alternative virtual experience.  Then, the artist appears on a screen from a distance with 3D imagery of a running man slowly moving toward Anjalts’ performance.

“It’s a visually stimulating video that allows you to take a step back and consider a new perspective on the big picture,” says Elle Asti, CEO/Founder of IXO Music.  Anjalts’ charismatic, down-to-earth persona shines instantly as ‘Miracle 4we’ cascades the neon glimmers across the screen inward.  “We joined with Anjalts on this project because she immediately knew the direction of where she wanted to take this song visually,” continues Asti.  “We had a completely different approach of filming Anjalts performance on stage with some B rolls of shots cutting through on a hilltop and walking in a park somewhere,” says Acen Sinclair, studio engineer/Mgmt of IXOmusic. “Even the over-done flickering fluorescent lights at the beginning of most music videos we knew didn’t go with this song.  Anjalts was so easy to work with our ideas.   She brings a playful side to our technical seriousness that makes the whole experience fun,” adds Sinclair. 

People on the streets are looking in a flower
Trying to run from all the pain / Living undercover

The lyrics above starts off the first verse in ‘Miracle 4we.’ A Hip-hop /R&B song with a relatable story and ear-pleasing vocals that appeal to urban music fans.  The visuals are subtle when it’s asking what’s real.  The VR headset breaks away the reality to Anjalts melodic plea:

Love / Work a Miracle 4we
Love / Breathe a Miracle 4we

Anjalts surprised listeners with a magnetic rap ending with a hint of her Caribbean-flavored background.  Her approach to writing songs reflects her beliefs gathered from many different perspectives, leading to a growing catalog of shimmering eclectic music that soothes and incites the mind on many levels.  The artist shared her inspiration for writing her latest song.

‘Miracle 4we’ is saying yes, look at the bad stuff around us, but remember to believe in yourself too.  Don’t get lost in the noise.  When I sing “Love, breathe a Miracle 4we,” it’s about You.  The most powerful miracle on this Earth is “you.” (Anjalts)

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