Multimedia Artist Stänzii Designed Shoes for Vera Wang and Made Window Displays for Macy’s. Her New Animations Preview Her Pop-Fashion Brand

NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stänzii, a radical artist whose work has graced spaces in New York City for more than a decade, today announced the release of three kaleidoscopic, cyber-chic animated films, which signal the upcoming arrival of her self-titled brand, slated for next year.

In addition to serving as a digital teaser, the triptych — which includes the retrofuturist films "Spiritual Maximiliiism," "Theme for Dead Cities" and "Self Saboatge" — reflects love, loss, and an urgent, post-pandemic need for Stänzii: to make art after a time when it felt impossible. It’s an emotional first taste of Stänzii while she embarks on a full-scale pop-fashion brand that will incorporate her expertise in shoe design, sculpture fabrication, street art and more.

"I’ve been making art my entire life, and my creative journey in New York has involved everything from outdoor murals to high-end creative direction and major window displays in the fashion world," says Stänzii, who was born Renée Snelson and has also gone by XORS in past projects, many of which have involved the collaboration of her longtime partner, Flood. "The Stänzii brand will be both commercial and counter-cultural — a culmination of my artistry that will bleed into the worlds of public art, wearable fashion, prints and digital media."

Stänzii’s new animated films can be viewed at the following links:
"Spiritual Maximiliiism"
"Theme for Dead Cities"
"Self Sabotage"

Featuring original music produced, mixed and mastered by David Sisko under his Aelien Eko moniker, the films call to mind David Bowie, Warhol, and punk-rock feminism, and are composed of recurring elements that signify Stänzii’s distinct vision and voice. Sharp studded high heels, diamond teardrops and whimsical blinking eyes appear throughout the digital landscapes, and will be hallmarks of the Stänzii brand.

"As an artist working in the underground and luxury fashion worlds of this city, I’ve always been drawn to the push and pull of materialism versus spirituality, ego versus  artistry and the constant search for ourselves in this urban jungle," Stänzii says. "Today, I believe that all those things can coexist, and my brand will bring those dichotomies to life."

In past work, Stänzii has served as a designer and art director for major shoe brands like Timberland, Vera Wang Lavender, and Alice + Olivia, where she worked as Senior Design Director of Shoes. Her breathtaking commercial sculpture has been viewed by millions in the windows of top department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, while her signature "Killer Heel" design has migrated from street art to fine art galleries in New York and London. She’s been featured in art shows curated by Patricia Field, and collaborated with the late, legendary shoe designer Beth Levine, using Levine’s vintage shoes to craft wearable art for an exhibition in New York’s East Village.

As she embarks on her next chapter, Stänzii will gradually unfurl a genre-mashing brand that distills her work into a cohesive yet comprehensive collection of products and high art, expanding across all media platforms and reflecting today’s ever-evolving cultural consumers.

"My art is about contradiction, which is also one of the defining factors of modern consumers," Stänzii says. "We want streetwear and fine art prints; we want glamour and grit; we want what’s next and what’s nostalgic. With my own personal and female slant, the Stänzii brand will span those contradictions in a whole new way."


Stänzii (born Renée Snelson) is a New York-based multimedia artist and designer whose creative experience spans across the verticals of fashion design, street art, fine art, commercial sculpture, window displays, animation and more. Previously known as XORS, Stänzii has served as a creative director and designer with major shoe brands like Timberland and Alice + Olivia, and seen her vivid street art grace the alleys of New York and London. While working as a sculptor and fabricator for the window displays of some of the world’s foremost department stores, Stänzii has developed a tack-sharp point of view, which merges high fashion and guerilla art into one seamless vision. Her artist and brand name were inspired by the nickname of Constanze Mozart, wife of the musical genius, who was a major figure in Amadeus, Stänzii’s favorite film in her youth.

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