Moti Releases New Animated Short Film, Pursuit of Heavens

MACAU, China, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pursuit of Heavens is an interdimensional exploration of humanity’s first question: Why?  Join Tommy for his first day of Sunday school where he dares to ask why? The question that is both encouraged and forbidden. Unlike most stubborn children who continually ask this question, Tommy actually gets an answer.

Follow Tommy on his descent through the planes of reality.  Reality strips down piece by piece until we are left with nothing, the canvas for all creation. 

Moti has released this poem with Pursuit of Heavens:

Eaten by time and bounded by space,
You can read from the lines on my face.
Was told of a place that awaited us all.
The world was a circle, and now it’s a ball.
And before all of that it was only a dot,
Raw material from which existence was wrought.

At its core, Moti is a storytelling company looking to express the human experience through any medium they can, be that music, animated short films, poetry, or 5D experiences. Moti’s goal is to inspire humanity as a whole to discover and inhabit their own inner utopia. 

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