MOTI Releases First Animated Short Film, What’s There?

MACAU, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MOTI is releasing their first MotiOriginal animated short film, What’s There? 

What’s There? is animated poetry. Black and White war with one another until they learn that they themselves are painted upon the canvas of the other. There is no white without black, no black without white, and to struggle against your opposite is only to struggle against yourself.

This cosmic dance is scored with music composed by the award-winning Elliot Leung.

Moti has shared this poem with their release of What’s There?

The push and pull of the universal breath.
Life cannot be without death.
From destruction sprouts creation.
Unable to unify without separation.
A blinding light results in a chaotic trance.
There’s a lover’s fight within a cosmic dance.

At its core, Moti is a storytelling company looking to express the human experience through any medium they can, be that music, animated short films, poetry, or 5D experiences. Moti’s goal is to inspire humanity as a whole to discover and inhabit their own inner utopia. 

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