More Than Toys: A Lot Of Trees Introduces BigBlock Customs, A Unique Brand Of Classic Handmade Toy Cars To Redefine Modern-Day Play And Create Shared Family Memories

PROSPER, Texas, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Seeking to return prestige to toy cars while fostering lasting bonds between parents and children over an automobile legacy beyond smartphone screens and the Internet, an innovative company, A Lot of Trees, has introduced Bigblock Customs™ (, a unique brand of classic handmade cars in 15 iconic styles.

Offering more than simply toys, Bigblock Customs is where vintage meets and redefines modern-day play to create shared family memories. The company’s attention to detail is reflected in each car created with solid American beech wood, a sleek stainless-steel modern touch, and an industry-leading suspension and chassis system. Bigblock Customs’ toys are made to become collectibles by providing a handmade quality that resembles historic car models.

"Bigblock Customs was born from a passion to evoke an emotional connection between a parent and their child. Our cars are much more than toys and are dynamic tools for bonding and shared memories for families," said Alewyn Botha, founder and owner of the Bigblock Customs brand. "Let’s get back to spending quality time and connecting with our kids and showing them how to play and pass on a passion for automobile history to the next generation. You can tell your child and grandchild about the cool cars you grew up with."

Botha added that what makes Bigblock Customs toy cars special is the merging of materials, combining classic design styles with modern manufacturing techniques and handmade originality.

"Our one-of-a-kind simplified suspension chassis design sets us apart from the rest of the wooden toy car industry, leaving the competition in the dust with a robust end product that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Bigblock fuels imagination, fine motor skills development, and interpersonal relationships," he said.

Top benefits and features of Bigblock Customs toy cars include:

  • Unique – An industry leader in producing a wooden toy car with patented suspension and iconic designs.
  • Durable — Toy cars built to last a lifetime. No maintenance is required.
  • Patented Suspension — A robust, patented suspension system that puts a realistic shock absorption into every car.
  • Made to collect — Collectables celebrating the legacy and legends of motoring.
  • Affordable – Accessible pricing and great value for a hand-built toy car produced from real wood and steel.
  • Easy-to-use — No batteries, apps, or screens required.
  • Powered by imagination — Personalize your ramps, racetracks, and speedway.

Bigblock Customs has partnered with A Lot of Trees to handle the marketing and fulfillment services for its toy cars in the U.S. market. Bigblock Customs has been delivering products since October 2020 and currently has an inventory of approximately 400 of each car in their Texas warehouse.

Bigblock Customs has launched a Kickstarter campaign, ( ), to spread awareness among consumers, the toy industry, and potential investors about the company’s unique toy cars.


At Bigblock Customs toy cars, vintage collides with modern-day play. Our passion combined with our petrol-head attitude is evident in the attention to detail on every toy created with solid American beech wood and a sleek stainless-steel modern touch. Our one-of-a-kind suspension and chassis system put us a step above the rest.

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