More Gold for Blanchard

WEST TISBURY, Mass., June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Genevieve Press is proud to announce that author/photographer Michael Blanchard, fresh on the heels of dual gold medals at the 2020 Benjamin Franklin Awards for Through A Sober Lens- A Photographer’s Journey (Most Inspirational Book of the Year, Best Interior Book Design), has brought home the gold again with the reissue of Fighting For My Life, winner of the Best Art and Photography prize at the 2021 competition.

The Benjamin Franklin Awards, presented by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association, are regarded as one of the most prestigious and competitive contests in the book industry. Ironically, Mr. Blanchard’s original background was in the healthcare industry. Prior to his struggles with alcoholism and the journey of recovery chronicled in his books, he’d never seen himself as a writer or photographer. Based on his collection of gold medals, the publishing industry begs to differ.

Mr. Blanchard’s work has drawn praise from prominent figures in art and media. Dan Lyons, the New York Times best-selling author of Disrupted and head writer on the HBO series SILICON VALLEY describes Mr. Blanchard’s writing and photography as "pure inspiration." Stephen Okazaki, an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker, calls Mr. Blanchard’s writing "deeply moving and personal, told with honesty and heart."

Fighting For My Life was originally published in 2014 soon after Mr. Blanchard began his journey of sobriety. The updated version features new photographs and an updated author’s preface.

"The first edition of Fighting for my Life was published when I first learned the power of expression through photographs," Mr. Blanchard explains. "The book in many ways saved me. I learned I could channel both pain and joy through the writing and the editing of photographs. As the book sold, people would reach out from all over the country to thank me for keeping hope alive for those suffering from addiction."

Mr. Blanchard’s artistic mission remains one of hope in the face of the struggles posed by alcoholism and addiction. He describes the gold medals as a powerful affirmation of his message.

"For my art and photography to be recognized by the IBPA means the world," he says.

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