Monika Writes a Film Soundtrack for the First Time and Ends Up at the Oscars

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Known within the music industry as one of the greatest songwriters of her generation, Monika was approached by Maggie Gyllenhaal to compose a soundtrack for the Netflix film The Lost Daughter. Monika was grateful for Maggie’s offer and accepted the challenge despite the fact that she has never composed music for a film before. Little did she know that the first time director along with the first time film composer would end up at the Oscars with three nominations, specifically Olivia Coleman for Best Actress, Jessie Buckley for Best Supporting Actress and Maggie Gyllenhaal for Best Adapted Screenplay.

"Monika was generous and open and deeply collaborative. She shared her music freely to support our film. I am in love with Stala! From the first moment I heard it I knew it would find a place in our movie." said Maggie Gyllenhaal who ended up using ten songs composed by Monika for the soundtrack of the movie. Maggie’s favorite song Stala has since the release of the movie, as the New Year’s Eve worldwide premiere on Netflix, managed to crossover multiple regions and had an overwhelming response on all media platforms in the world music genre.

This overwhelming response is nothing new to Monika who is accustomed to both media and public’s attention throughout the years dating back to 2006 where she became a MySpace sensation overnight.

"I feel truly blessed to have worked with Maggie on this project and I think the entire team was blessed when we got nominated for the Oscars! I hold eternal gratitude to this wonderful person and amazing director." said Monika who has become the go-to composer overnight and is flooded by offers from Hollywood filmmakers.

Working with the same renowned recording team as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lady Gaga, Monika’s upcoming album work is widely anticipated and if her latest release Yes I Do (My Wedding Song) is any indication, Monika is expected to deliver something fresh, outside the box and truly new sensations through her cinematic pop approach.

About Monika:

Monika started as a Myspace sensation from her hometown Athens, Greece with her very first song "Over The Hill" followed by her debut LP "Avatar" (2008) that became platinum. Her second platinum LP "Exit" (2010) established her as a major artist and led her to NYC’s Dunham studios where she recorded her third album, "Secret In The Dark" (2015) with The Dap Kings.

Following the success of "Secret In The Dark" and while gaining traction as a well respected artist within the music industry in US and EU she was signed by major label and distributor (PIAS France) and in 2016 was signed by Songs Publishing (US) as one of the most valued acquired artists of the year.

Two tours in the US and EU, along with many live sessions like "Tiny Desk" on NPR made her a familiar name in media outlets such as Vogue NYC, Pitchfork, New York Times, Liberation, BBC Radio 1 and The Guardian.

Known for her grand performances in some of the most prestigious venues such as Odeon Herodus Atticus, Onassis Cultural Centre and Stavros Niarchos Foundation, she was approached by the Olympic Committee to compose the Olympic Theme Song "Kallimarmaro" to celebrate the renewed lighting of the Panathenaic Stadium.

In May 2020 Monika released the song "Saving The World" as a dedication to the people fighting against the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease and donated 100% of Youtube proceeds to support low income medical staff around the world.

2022 found Monika composing 10 new songs for Netflix’s New Year’s Eve premiere movie "The Lost Daughter" by Maggie Gyllenhaal with her song "Stala" being used as main and closing theme song.

On February 1st Monika released her first single song Yes I Do (My Wedding Song) from her upcoming album titled I’m Proud and went viral during a Valentine’s Day frenzy.

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