“Monday Mourning” Shines at Cal Film Festival with Best Student Film and Best Acting Duo Awards

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Monday Mourning,” a thought-provoking student film directed by Dustin Kahia, has made a remarkable impact at the Cal Film Festival. The film not only won Best Student Film for Dustin Kahia and Best Acting Duo for Dominic Bogart and Claire Haller but was also nominated for Best Male Director and Best Original Score, showcasing its diverse artistic strengths. This gripping narrative, exploring the intricate dynamics of a family reunion under mysterious circumstances, has captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike.

Set against the backdrop of a family reunion, “Monday Mourning” delves into the journey of Daniel, played by Dominic Bogart, and his sister, portrayed by Claire Haller. The film’s unique storytelling, marked by ambiguity and emotional depth, invites viewers into the puzzle of Daniel’s life, prompting reflection on themes of homecoming, reconciliation, and unspoken family truths.

The film marks the first collaboration between Kahia and Bogart, known for his roles in “I Am Not a Hipster,” “Just Mercy,” and “The Glass Castle.” “Monday Mourning” was also an Official Selection at several prominent film festivals, including Beverly Hills Film Festival and the upcoming Milan Shorts Film Festival. Shot in San Diego, California, over two days, the film is Kahia’s most personal work, drawing from his own life experiences.

Director Dustin Kahia shared his gratitude: “These awards at Cal Film Festival are not just an honor; they’re a testament to the film’s ability to resonate with audiences. My vision for ‘Monday Mourning’ was to explore the unspoken nuances of human relationships. Winning these awards reinforces the film’s impact, and I’m humbled by the recognition.”

The Cal Film Festival, known for its focus on global indie productions and innovative storytelling, offers a significant platform for filmmakers. Winning at this festival is especially noteworthy, given its rigorous selection process and commitment to showcasing diverse, compelling narratives.

“Monday Mourning” awaits responses from 33 other film festivals and plans for wider distribution are underway. This journey of recognition and acclaim for “Monday Mourning” is just beginning.

We invite journalists and media outlets to delve deeper into the story of “Monday Mourning” and its remarkable journey in the film industry.

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