Mixxim Offers Nostalgia in High Resolution with Fourth Generation of MIXXTAPE Cassette

DALLAS, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On June 15, Mixxim launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a new and improved version of MIXXTAPE to the public. The company’s fourth generation of product features a modern, silver and black design with the same old-school feel as mixtapes from decades ago. The analog cassette digitally plays music in impressively high quality.

MIXXTAPE inventor Paul Burns comments, "I miss the days when music was more than just digital files and virtual avatars. It was tangible, meaningful, and personal. MIXXTAPE brings that back in its own technolstagic way."

Experience over efficiency, for true music lovers

MIXXTAPE prides itself on providing a difference in sound quality that you can hear. It features 24-bit / 192kHz audio, significantly outperforming streaming service quality, so that listeners can hear all the minor details in the music, just as the artist intended. With audio on streaming services being so highly compressed, the texture and subtle details that an artist puts into a track often go unheard. While MIXXTAPE doesn’t market itself to be the most convenient listening medium, it offers a music experience unlike any other.

The modern cassette features a 1-inch full color touch display, and is audio-jack, USB and Bluetooth compatible. It’s not just for looks either; Drop it into a boombox and it will play like any other cassette. It has an internal memory with 8GB capacity, along with external memory support of up to 512GB. The internal 300mAh battery is rechargeable and offers up to 5 hours of playback time.

Crowdfunding support

Mixxim is hoping to raise $51,000 in 30 days to bring the product to life. Its retail price will go for $121, but those who pledge a minimum of $76 to MIXXTAPE’s Kickstarter campaign will receive a complete starter pack for the product. Pledgees will receive a new fourth generation MIXXTAPE, a silicone protective case, a cassette storage case, a USB-C charging cable, a blank J-card, and a sticker sheet. To learn more or support the project, click here.

The MIXXTAPE will ship internationally and expects delivery starting December 2021.

About Mixxim

Dallas-based company, Mixxim, launched its first version of the MIXXTAPE in 2013. The idea was to merge classic craftsmanship with modern technology, and bring back an iconic medium that carries so many memories and emotions for many. Their redesigned mixtape represents the personal, human connection to music that cannot be done justice through tap-to-play streaming services. In 2017, their second generation MIXXTAPE was 1215% funded on Kickstarter in just 30 days and featured by Kickstarter on "Projects We Love." Their third generation in 2019 was recognized as one of ten finalists at the CES Last Gadget Standing competition. The latest MIXXTAPE is the lovechild of old school nostalgia and modern playback technology.

Media Contact:
Paul Burns