Minnesota 9th Grader Launches Debut Novel with Mission to Inspire a New Generation of People to Care for the Well-being and Natural Ecology of Wolves

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Young author E.M. Lynch has released her debut book titled Shadow, Wolves of the Forest Book 1.

Shadow is a young wolf who knows her pack—the Aspen pack—has survived every hardship they’ve encountered for generations. But now as humans press ever closer, natural disasters threaten, and neighboring packs probe for weakness a new danger emerges. Haunted by dreams, heartbroken by tragedy, and surrounded by peril, Shadow must find her inner strength. Like a phoenix, Shadow rises from the ashes of turmoil to face dangers that will ultimately wipe out her pack… or make them stronger. It all hinges on her ability to lead her pack to a new life. But can she do it? Will they follow? Shadow’s message directly translates to our own experiences of struggle, hardship, survival, leadership, love, and happiness.

E.M. Lynch, 14, has had a lifelong passion for, and fascination with wolves. "Wolves are so beautiful and strong," she says, "and have such an interesting social structure. They seem so free and show such a powerful will to survive." That passion was the spark that ignited a 12-year-old imagination to begin planning, researching, and then writing a full-length epic fantasy novel.

She has dedicated a portion of the net sales of Shadow to the charitable foundations, the Wildlife Science Center and the International Wolf Center, to help them advance the science and survival of wolves in the wild.

Peggy Callahan, executive director of the Minnesota-based Wildlife Science Center (https://www.wildlifesciencecenter.org/), said, "We are thrilled to be working with Ms. Lynch as she works to fulfill her mission. She is a talented young writer who has shown a great affinity for wolves, which comes through in her interaction with them and in her storytelling." 

Shadow, Wolves of the Forest Book 1 is written for a young adult audience ages 12 to 18. Book 2 in the series (yet untitled) is slated for publication in early 2022. Shadow is available on Amazon, through the Wolves of the Forest website, or through Ms. Lynch’s Amazon author page

About E.M. Lynch

E.M. Lynch, 14, is a young author who has always loved wolves. This lifelong fascination led her forge relationships with the International Wolf Center and the Wildlife Science Center, organizations that advance the science and survival of wolves in the wild. Her passion bleeds into her writing. She hopes to create and develop an interest in wolves in her readers to inspire a whole generation of people to care more for the well-being of wolves and their natural ecology.

Ms. Lynch lives in rural Minnesota with her parents, two siblings, three cats, and a golden retriever named Mya. She’s a young adult with a love of soccer (she plays defense for her high school varsity team), an interest in the great outdoors, and who most enjoys spending time with her family at the lake. Her writing goals to promote awareness are just beginning, and she’s excited to connect with like-minded enthusiasts who love wolves… and a good story.


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