MIDI Control Functionality Boosts Stratus Guitar Pedal’s Versatility

Enhancement, new adapter increase device’s appeal to professional musicians 

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla., May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Chaos Audio, developers of a multi-effect, app-controlled guitar pedal called Stratus, has taken steps to increase the device’s utility to professional musicians as they move from the studio to the stage.

The addition of MIDI control functionality and the introduction of Knot, their USB host adapter, underscore Chaos Audio’s commitment to facilitating the creative process and enhancing performance among even the most accomplished guitar players.

The guitarist with his hands full had been limited in what he could do with his feet to change effects using Stratus. The device, a small target for a big foot, is equipped with just two switches — a knob and a foot switch.

Enter MIDI control.

“This allows players to connect a multi-switch controller to the USB port on the back of Stratus and configure it to communicate with the pedal,” said Chaos Audio CEO Landon McCoy. “Now they have access to a bunch of foot switches that they didn’t have before we added MIDI control functionality.”

That is, barring a compatibility issue that Chaos Audio has also addressed.

Some MIDI controllers have a USB port that does not play well with Stratus. To work around that problem, the company is releasing an adapter in partnership with Intech Studio, a company that specializes in MIDI synthesizer controls. Stratus can be hooked up to any controller via the adapter to ensure compatibility.

Preorders are currently being accepted for the Knot USB host adapter, which is initially being produced in limited quantities. Anyone placing a preorder will receive $20 off the regular price. 

“We are proving that performing musicians can use Stratus in a live setting and have all the controls they need readily available to them,” McCoy said. “That’s important to us. Stratus absolutely can be used as a tool for professional guitarists.”

For more information, contact Chaos Audio CEO Landon McCoy at
 or via phone at +1 (850) 290-2033. Product details are available at chaosaudio.com/products/stratus and chaosaudio.com/products/knot-midi-usb-host

SOURCE Chaos Audio