Meet Metastar’s First Metaverse Idol—Lady Layla, Whose Debut Single “Meta-Coming” is Pioneering the Future of Chinese Pop

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine a life-like virtual world where people live, work, connect, and collaborate with others, all from the comfort of their own couches in the “real” physical world. Today, the metaverse is building on the internet to seamlessly combine our physical and digital lives. In the metaverse, people can traverse a virtual world that mimics numerous aspects of the physical world, all using technologies that include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence (AI), social media, digital currency, and many more.

This immersive virtual environment is certainly exciting, and big companies like Meta, Google, and Microsoft have all been trying to bring the metaverse to life. This platform’s potential is limitless: a gaming zone, a retail spot, a training tool, a shopping paradise, a digital 3D classroom . . . and now a mind-blowing music experience!

Now, after 3 years of intensive work, Metastar has just introduced Lady Layla, the first-ever virtual Taiwanese Pop artist to exist in the metaverse.

A blend of fashion and pop, Lady Layla has a stylish look and a debut single entitled “Meta-Coming” that aims to give a younger generation of fans new ways to connect with music and artists. Moving at an up-tempo pace, this new song features a strong contemporary electronic and hip-hop vibe and showcases the artist’s ability to switch between cadences and move across the vocal range. An eye-catching performance also features dynamic, highly choreographed moves that are in sync with a group of dancers.

Like all human beings, Lady Layla learns, grows, and improves by interacting with the world. Programmed to be a bright 20-year-old female with concomitant characteristics and charisma, this young idol pursues her dreams with curiosity and passion. Metastar, however, has emphasized that “Nobody is perfect,” and Lady Layla, just like all of us, still has room for improvement in many ways. Like any newcomer to the pop industry, for example, Lady Layla and her singing, expressions, moves, and so on, can still be improved upon. 

Without a doubt, the digital world is changing rapidly. The internet, for instance, is something that we can browse, but now, to a certain degree, we can “live” in the metaverse. Soon, fans will be able to participate in Lady Layla’s events, enjoy her live streams, interact with her, and so much more! While the metaverse continues to evolve, the potential to unleash the next wave of digital disruption is clearly here.

Starting on 10/27, Lady Layla’s debut single will be available on most music channels. Fans can also connect with Lady Layla for future updates at the following:

About Metastar 
Metastar is a multi-talented company with top-notch experts in content creation, video directing/production, 3D animation, software and hardware solutions, AI, AR, VR applications, and much more.

As the first and only metaverse idol agency, Metastar continues to deliver modern digital technologies to the metaverse by creating, developing, and managing new idols and opportunities, including building business relationships, taking charge of the marketing, promotion, and execution of various projects, and much more.

Lady Layla is Metastar’s first signed idol, and more exciting stars will be introduced in the near future.

George Hu

SOURCE Metastar