M.C. Serch and VIDSIG Announce "Music Mondays"

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In an extraordinary announcement earlier today, M.C. Serch has announced his first official initiative as Chief Creative Consultant with VIDSIG, called "Music Mondays" – offering young hopefuls an opportunity to have their music heard and distributed through his joint venture with The Orchard & Sony.

"This is an exciting time for creatives and for me, as I have always wanted an opportunity to support as many artists as possible," stated Serch.  "The perpetual limitations are time and identifying those who are serious about their careers.  Through my partnership with VIDSIG and my distribution platform, I can now accomplish both.  By dedicating time and by scheduling opportunities with musicians who are dedicated and focused, we can together put out truly great music by truly great artists." 

By visiting Serch’s channel on VIDSIG.com, an artist can now schedule time for Serch to listen and evaluate music, and if Serch loves what he hears – as well as what he sees – he will offer select artists deals through 4MC MultiMedia, his distribution company via The Orchard (The Digital Service Platform of Sony Music).

"This is an unprecedented opportunity for global artists that hits at the core of what VIDSIG does – providing live access to integrity-based expertise and talent," stated Jonathan Yarnold, Chief Executive Officer of VIDSIG. "By utilizing VIDSIG for access to Serch, artists’ lives and careers can literally change dramatically in just a matter of minutes."

Over his 30+ year career, MC Serch has consistently been a supporter of new artists and this initiative through VIDSIG will provide access to expertise that would otherwise be unreachable. 

Aspiring artists should visit VIDSIG.com to schedule time with the legendary executive producer that could alter their careers and lives in an astonishing manner.

To download the new VIDSIG app, visit the App Store.

To learn more about VIDSIG, visit https://vidsig.com/.