Martial Arts Legend and Action Film Star, Billy Blanks Provides Foreword for New Graphic Novel, Black Justice: The Awakening

CARY, N.C., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The North Carolina based entertainment company, Washington Comix celebrates the inclusion of a foreword by Billy Blanks in the graphic novel, Black Justice: The Awakening.

“I am over the moon that Mr. Billy Blanks provided the foreword for my graphic novel,” explains Dr. David Washington, the book’s author. Billy Blanks is known for his martial arts skills and holding the title of world champion seven times. He is the creator of the fitness system, TaeBo. Blanks is also known for his extensive action film career. He starred in over 25 feature films and appeared on numerous television shows.

Blanks’s path in the martial arts started based upon his exposure to a television show. As Blanks explains “my journey in the world of martial arts started some 57 years ago, because of the Green Hornet television show. Back then, an up-and-coming star named Bruce Lee, captured my imagination, and set me on this path that would forever change my life.”

Black Justice‘s author, Washington, expressed thrill in having Blanks provide the foreword. “As a teenager, I watched all of Mr. Blanks’s movies. He is absolutely fantastic. For me, Billy Blanks was my Bruce Lee!” stated Washington.

Black Justice represents a unique perspective for the inclusion of diverse characters in the comic book space. “Many of the comic books and graphic novels do not put people of color in the front and center of the story. This is extremely disappointing for fans of color. At Washington Comix, we are focused on the creation of stories that provide diversity in characters and voices,” stated Washington.

The plot of the book is an African American entrepreneur and former Special Forces operator, Dr. Chris Withers, comes face-to-face with a system of injustice that drives him to vigilantism as Black Justice. Withers encounters supervillains, a corrupt police system, and social issues that stand in the way of him finding justice, but he persists through the process.

The graphic novel, Black Justice: The Awakening is scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. The book will be available on and

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