“Marilyn: Behind the Icon” 60th Anniversary Popular Podcast Announces Season Two!

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Almost sixty years after her tragic death, the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe is more popular than ever (14+ million Facebook fans and counting), but the truth behind her tragic and untimely passing remains a fascinating mystery.  Produced by LifeBites Global, this podcast season opener deals with civil and human rights and launches in Black History month.

The popular, "Marilyn: Behind the Icon" dramatic podcast series portrays Monroe up close and personal with a dramatic storyline featuring narration, dramatic acting, and commentary by a mental health expert. Marilyn Monroe is played by the talented Erin Gavin, who has portrayed the legend on stage. The producers are continuing Marilyn’s story in Season Two that opens with Marilyn’s relationship with Ella Fitzgerald, in "Soul Sisters." The podcast plays on all the major podcast platforms and on behindtheicon.com.

In this new season, the producers wanted to do an even deeper dive into aspects of Marilyn’s life that no one ever talks about. Such as, what really happened the night back in May 1962 when Marilyn sang her seductive birthday song to JFK? What was talked about during the after party by celebrity attendees? Important issues were being pushed forward that still persist in our society today.

Co-producer Gary Vitacco-Robles, who is set to release Volume 3 of his best-selling book, "ICON: Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe" in time for Marilyn’s 60th anniversary of her death, says "audiences will hear rarely told stories of Marilyn’s early years to her death that are not sensationalized. The Season Two opener was inspired by recent current events and continues the conversation around civil rights that was important back in the 1960’s and is ongoing today.

Series co-producer Randall Libero says "Our cast is phenomenal this season. In addition to Erin, the actress who plays Ella, Monique DeBose, is also a talented jazz singer and helps bridge the gap between the races with her one woman play, Mulatto Math. Troy Mangram, who plays the famous jazz pianist, Hank Jones (who played at JFK’s birthday), reminds us that bridging races has more to do with listening to each other more than ever.

Commented "Behind the Icon" co-producer Nina Boski, "fans around the world have an unending fascination with Marilyn Monroe. But underneath the glamour, there was a real person who struggled tremendously with mental health and addiction issues, which are truly an American epidemic. Marilyn: Behind the Icon will reveal a dramatic narrative that will help Marilyn become more real and even more relatable to millions of fans and for people who are suffering from some of the same issues as the ICON."

Producer and Cast Interviews …  Nina Boski, who is also the host of the Goodnight Marilyn radio show and Marilyn expert on Fox and Friends LA as well as a Fox News Documentary, Scandalous; Marilyn expert, writer, author and mental health professional, Gary Vitacco-Robles (ICON: Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe) and co-producer Randall Libero (also the Executive Producer of Goodnight Marilyn Radio and co-writer of the ICON show), as well as Erin Gavin, the talented actress who plays Marilyn Monroe

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