MariBased1 Follows Up with New Single after BlueFace’s Find the Beat Tour

SEATTLE, Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BJ&J ENTERTAINMENT ( sits down with MariBased1 and discuss new single. Maribased1 is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He debuted on BETjams and MTVjams in early 2019 with the release of his single’s "Bouncin" & "Score’n". In 2020 his singles "Mystery Girl", "Thee End" debuted on BETjams and MTVjams & in 2021 his latest single "Xuicide" debuted on BET jams as well. MariBased1’s singles "Bouncin" & "Score’n" charted on DRT (Digital Radio Trackers) at #13 for "Bouncin" and #18 for "Score’n". Now his debut single "Spend It" won’t go unnoticed while exposing what Seattle has to offer to the music culture.

Ladies, have you ever heard a song that makes you move in the club to the point where you want all of your friends to join you on the dance floor? Well, that’s the type of feeling you may experience when listening to "Spend It". By its very definition, the term "Spend It" means pay out (money).

"I have always been around music all my life. As I got older, I found the love of doing music myself. So, with the help of my father, I perfected my craft and showed me what hard work and dedication looked like. My dad always believed in me. Nothing was ever handed to me, I had to work my way up to the position I am in now," said MariBased1. 

Mari wrote "Spend It" with the thoughts of things used to impress ladies. The meaning of the song "Spend It" is self-explanatory, "Gotta a little cash and I spend it" says Maribased1. Maribased1 had just got back to Seattle from performing on the Blueface "Find the Beat Tour" before writing the song. That exact same night his friend E-Silent, who is also featured on the record, came over to the crib to work on the record. Mari started playing random beats and asked E-Silent if he could rap something to the "Spend It" beat. E-Silent agreed and then a few days later Mr. Benjamin was added to complete the track. Seattle’s own DJ FunkDaddy produced the beat. The way this all came together is what makes the record a club hit and that much more special. 

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