Mail-Art Company, Tellinga, Now Offers Non-fungible Token (NFT) Crypto Art as Part of Custom-Created Mailing Experiences – Unique Digital Gifts Backed by Power of the Blockchain

HOUSTON, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the recent upsurge in cryptocurrency and digital art popularity, Tellinga announced it has added custom NFT art as part of its personalized story-mailing experiences; expanding its portfolio to include digital versions of each work it creates, while encouraging clients to mint and tokenize their purchases as NFTs if they wish. Tellinga began as a specialized, boutique arthouse that uses mail art – small-scale illustrations and drawings sent through the mail, often in episodes – to transform personal photos and stories into handcrafted, tangible illustrated experiences that are snail-mailed as postcards to friends and family in a memorable way. Tellinga is currently offering 10% off by joining its newsletter, and always donates a portion of each purchase toward fighting breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“With the popularity of CryptoKitties and artists like Beeple and Grimes selling original NFTs for millions of dollars, it’s clear that crypto art has launched onto the scene in a major way,” said Alex Kurkowski, Tellinga founder. “So many of our clients are highly interested in becoming a part of the NFT art movement – and our crypto artists are happy to help. NFTs are a super-cool 21st century invention that have revolutionized art ownership. Essentially, they’re electronic identifiers that confirm a digital collectible is real by recording the details of that collectible on an irrefutable digital ledger known as the blockchain. Art can now be digitally recorded, forever. We offer a way for our customers to do the same, by giving them both original tangible art and a digital copy of that original art, so they own both, and can tokenize the digital art if they wish.”

Tellinga: Combining Traditional and Digital Mail Art

Premium 5″ x 7″ postcards are hand-drawn by a Tellinga artist and placed in a grocery bag envelope with the customer’s address used as the return address. Before cards are shipped, a charity stamp and custom wax seal are applied. Afterward, digital copies of that story are emailed to the customer, allowing them to share the digital art online with family and friends. Every card shipped helps raise funds to fight breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD. Afterward, customers can take their digital copies and mint them as NFTs on platforms like Opensea or Rarible, and they will still always have the original, tangible art to back up their digital copy.

Tellinga regularly provides a creative platform for American artists, encouraging their artistic expression through original artwork, while allowing them to network with other artists. To learn more about the Tellinga story experience or to meet the artists involved, go online, or follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok.

About Tellinga

Founded in 2018, Tellinga (like telling a story) is an entirely new approach to keeping in contact with loved ones. Tellinga offers custom-created mail art that serves as a cherished gift, including artist-drawn cartoon postcards that tell your story as snail mail storyboards. Each original artwork is also delivered as a digital copy, allowing customers to mint the pieces as digital non-fungible token art if they choose. Just like anticipating the next episode of your favorite television show, Tellinga provides the same level of excitement, but instead of the screen, they are doing it through your mailbox. Tellinga art packages range from a single poignant mailing all the way to a grand 12-illustration-event received over the course of 12 weeks. Tellinga provides customers a complete and customized art experience that will be loved for a lifetime.

Support the arts and help fund Tellinga by purchasing their first mail art story ever created, now minted and available on OpenSea. Meet the artists and learn more at

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