Lovelane Music Group Unveils “Quiet Home” by The Sea Shells Music Video

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lovelane Music Group proudly announces the release of the “Quiet Home” music video. Directed by the visionary Ron Cobert, the video vividly depicts a poignant tale set in the heart of a snow-covered 1968 Detroit.

In the spotlight is Sunscope Talent’s radiant newcomer, London. Assuming the role of Alyssa Franklin, the legendary Sea Shells’ vocalist, London delivers a sensually evocative and emotionally charged performance. Her expressive gaze and sheer vulnerability make it easy to believe she’s the original voice behind Jesse Greer’s soul-stirring lyrics. In a setting characterized by stillness and emptiness, London’s portrayal of Alyssa finds comfort in music, letting her voice resonate with memories of a love that once effervescent, now faded.

Ron Cobert’s deft touch in “Quiet Home” intertwines the melancholic essence of the Sea Shells’ classic with a poignant visual story, transforming personal pain into a universally relatable emotion. With her effortless grace and allure, London’s portrayal can only be described as an amalgam of attributes: sultry, captivating, seductive, and undeniably beautiful.

The origins of “Quiet Home” date back to 1968, courtesy of the prodigious talents of Sammy Kaplan and Jesse Greer. The song’s essence truly materialized with the discovery of Alyssa Franklin, the enchanting 21-year-old vocalist who caught Sammy’s eye at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. This gem was carefully crafted in the cozy confines of Jesse’s living room and was later perfected at United Sound under the expert guidance of Sammy, Jesse, and the acclaimed Engineer Mike Terry. Their combined efforts led to the birth of “The Sea Shells,” who has since enjoyed the unwavering support of Lovelane Music and Village Records (Villige Records).

To immerse yourself in this melding of auditory and visual artistry, visit YouTube Link.

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