LJ Media Inc. and Mobeon Presents “Help Maui Music Fest” – An Interactive Live Stream Fundraiser Event

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LJ Media Inc., a trailblazer in the live entertainment industry, is excited to announce “Help Maui Music Fest,” an interactive live stream fundraiser event. Scheduled for Tuesday, November 28, 2023, this groundbreaking event, crafted under the innovative direction of LJ Media Inc. and Mobeon, aims to unite artists and audiences in aiding the Maui communities recently impacted by severe wildfires.

The event will be streamed live on the LJ Media YouTube channel (youtube.com/@LJMediaInc?si=E37B_BvJPfUi6T6x), inviting worldwide participation and donations. This fusion of music, empathy, and technology reflects LJ Media’s dedication to harnessing media for positive social impact. The show will be streamed from Mobeon’s Virtual Production Studio in Burbank, CA. Viewers can seamlessly donate in real-time using the Tiltify platform, a fundraising tool that integrates directly with the live stream. Proceeds from the live event will be donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Experience an unforgettable musical night on YouTube, where renowned artists rally to support Maui’s recovery. The serene Maui landscape, scarred by wildfires and displacement, calls for our collective support. “Help Maui Music Fest” is more than an event – it’s an anthem of unity, resilience, and hope. Join us as we celebrate music’s healing power, aiding Maui’s resilient community in rebuilding and rejuvenating their beloved island.

Musical and Guest Line-Up:

The festival will showcase performances and special appearances by a diverse group of artists including The Live Stream Music festival features performances and cameo appearances by Makaha Sons, Makana, Kamuela Kahoano, Kawika Kahiapo Eric Lee and Keoni Ku, Kimmie Miner, Ricky Hamada, Sweetie Pacarro, Augie T., Poetic Impact, Hoku Zuttermeister, Nathan Cook, Ariel Pineda, Alex Ritchie, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Joni Lamedo, Kawika Viloria, Josh Kamuela Chang, Faiva, Mevina, Siaosi, Calypso Tumblers/Concrete All Stars and Special Participation : Tommy Thayer from KISS.

Lorena Morallo-Takushi comments, Help Maui Music Fest is a heartfelt initiative by LJ Media to aid those affected by the Maui wildfires. Its an opportunity for artists and audiences to come together and contribute towards the rebuilding of Maui.” This event promises a riveting lineup and interactive experiences, engaging viewers globally. “Help Maui Music Fest” seeks not just to raise funds but to nurture a sense of global community and solidarity.

Event Details:

Help Maui Music Fest” is also in collaboration with Living Local Global in Hawaii which will simultaneously present the live stream with its Living Local Loves Maui.” Both live streams will provide live feed exchanges as appropriate, to increase awareness and donations for Maui on Giving Tuesday.

About LJ Media Inc.:
Based in Los Angeles, CA, LJ Media Inc. specializes in producing live events with a purpose, creating engaging and meaningful experiences.

About Mobeon:
Mobeon is based in Burbank, CA and innovates in the realm of interactive live events, tailored for a wide range of media platforms. By integrating gamification into events, Mobeon develops original content that captivates and actively involves audiences. Mobeon’s distinctive programming approach transforms conventional storytelling into a new genre of media.

Dennis Heruela
Chief Creative Strategist
LJ Media Inc.


Event Website: http://helpmauimusicfest.org