LivenLuLu: Birth of a World, An Art Book That Features 10-Years of Sculptures Designed to Spread Peace and Awareness, Launches

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LivenLuLu: Birth of a World, a philosophical and visual masterpiece that features the work of VeroDalla in the form of sculptures from 2009 to 2019, this week officially became available for collectors, and art aficionados everywhere.

Designed to draw the viewer into a world of peace and love for all, with text, quotes, and pictures that cover ten-years of sculptures, the character LivenLuLu® invites the reader to a profound questioning of the society we live in today.

“My aim with LivenLuLu® was to challenge people to question the society we manage today, as well as how we can create a better world tomorrow,” said VeroDalla, author of LivenLuLu®. “Any person can change their perspective and expectation if they raise their consciousness to do so. I believe together, we can all embark on a constructive path of kindness and acceptance.”

LivenLuLu features sculptures from VeroDalla’s collections: Universal, Extend, and Seed.

Both the expression of unconditional love and the proliferation of deeper awareness, the book is a neutral, yet engaged read that transcends the boundaries of gender, race, culture, religion, and sexual orientation. Beyond these earthly confines, LivenLuLu is about shapes that take on a universal, mystical language to move people both emotionally and spiritually.

“A very moving book about the human condition and the eternal hope that it can be so much better, if only we listen to these sculptures for guidance,” said Mireya Schmidt, one of her fans.

Special collections featured in the series include Ernest Hemingway, which was commissioned by the Ernest Hemingway Foundation; La Penseur, the “Gates of Hell” from Rodin, inspired by the “Divine Comedy;” and Action Against Hunger, created to highlight the critical importance of humanitarian efforts around the world.

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