“Little Horse Whip” Nominated for Best Children’s Film at China Film Golden Rooster Awards

NEW YORK, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ArtsBerry proudly announces that our supported artist Mr. Tianshi Wang’s production, “Little Horse Whip,” has been nominated for Best Children’s Film at the prestigious 36th China Film Golden Rooster Awards, marking a significant milestone in its journey to captivate audiences worldwide. Affectionately dubbed the “Chinese Oscars,” this esteemed recognition underscores the film’s exceptional storytelling and artistic merit.

“Little Horse Whip” has garnered widespread acclaim, achieving a remarkable box office revenue of $1.26Million. This impressive feat solidifies its position as the highest-grossing among the four children’s films nominated this year, with the second-highest grossing at a mere $262,46 K. Furthermore, the film has been honored with the esteemed CIFEJ Prize at the SCHLINGEL International Film Festival, further highlighting its international appeal and resonance. Set against the backdrop of the “Equestrian in Schools” initiative in the picturesque Altai region of Xinjiang province, “Little Horse Whip” follows the poignant journey of Ansal, a Kazakh boy with a fervent dream of horse riding. Directed by the visionary Shapkat Murat, the film intricately weaves Ansal’s aspirations with captivating animated sequences that depict his vivid dreams of adventure, friendship, and familial reunion.

Under the expert supervision of Mr. Tianshi Wang, “Little Horse Whip” underwent a meticulous two-year animation production process, showcasing a remarkable blend of creativity and technical prowess. Mr. Wang, serving as Producer and Art Supervisor, meticulously led the animation design, production, and post-production special effects teams. His visionary leadership ensured that every aspect of the film, from character design to scene transitions, exuded a dreamlike quality that resonated with audiences of all ages. Reflecting on the project, Mr. Tianshi Wang remarked on the imaginative challenges inherent in bringing Ansal’s dreams to life on screen – “all character designs had to be very cute and perfect, and all actions and transitions between scenes needed to be creatively designed to appear very charming and dreamlike.” Through countless iterations and creative exploration, Mr. Wang and his team successfully crafted a visual masterpiece that seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the film.”

As “Little Horse Whip” continues to garner accolades and captivate audiences worldwide, Mr. Tianshi Wang remains committed to delivering compelling storytelling and artistic excellence. The nomination for Best Children’s Film at the China Film Golden Rooster Awards serves as a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of cinematic innovation and enchantment.

About Tianshi Wang

Mr. Tianshi Wang is a digital artist and university lecturer specializing in animation, video, and film concept visual development, character design, and product design. Notably, Mr. Wang created the iconic Giant Panda mascot for China’s international image, an emblematic IP image has since collaborated with esteemed brands such as Li Ning, Pop Mart, Coca-Cola, and the China Mars Experiment Base, gracing prestigious international platforms like the G20 in Osaka, Japan, and the Cannes Film Festival. He was also the creative mind behind “STUCK,” created in collaboration with Pixar artists. Additionally, Mr. Wang is the founder of Genius Animation Art Festival, and a faculty member at the Animation School of the Beijing Film Academy.

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Ana Tsiung


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