Lightbeam, The First-Ever Platform Dedicated to Empathetic Films, Forms Joint Venture With Good News Network, The Highest-Ranked Source of Good News

NEW YORK, April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lightbeam, the award-winning content platform dedicated to closing the empathy gap through stories about the best of humanity, is proud to announce its joint venture with Good News Network, Inc., a globally-recognized positive media company dedicated to mental wellness.

Harnessing both companies’ commitment to uplifting media and their shared mission to offer the world “hopescrolling” over “doomscrolling,”  this new partnership will marry Lightbeam’s growing library of festival-quality short documentaries with Good News Network’s large audience looking for positive news and inspiring stories. In particular, Ligthbeam’s films will be featured on Good News Network’s upcoming streaming service.

Good News Network ( is the #1 ranked source of “good news” by Google, Alexa, ChatGPT and others.  Good News Network, Inc. has exciting plans to invest in and rapidly grow the 26 year old site. 

To fully realize the vision of the “next generation” Good News Network, Stephanie Sharis, Lightbeam’s Co-Founder and former CEO, has stepped into a new role as President & Chief Operating Officer of Good News Network, Inc.  Sharis will oversee the joint venture and optimize value for both parties. Parker Williams, Lightbeam’s Co-Founder, who previously served as Chief Content Officer, has assumed the position of Lightbeam CEO.  He will continue to run the company’s brand studio which helps brands tell stories that communicate their values and deliver them authentically to values-driven consumers.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled that the awe-inspiring film library we’ve built at Lightbeam has been embraced by the finest site and brand in the good news space,” said Stephanie Sharis. “This exciting partnership with Good New Network will ensure that our artful films, made by a global network of diverse, talented filmmakers, will reach many more people who are actively seeking out beautiful stories that stir the heart.”

“We enthusiastically welcome Lightbeam as one of our foundational partners as we roll out our plans to inspire, uplift and engage a global community. We believe that by amplifying these kinds of stories of hope and inspiration that we can make people healthier and happier …. and even save lives,” said Good News Network Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Anthony Samadani.

In addition to Lightbeam’s content appearing on Good News Network’s streaming service and website, the two companies will collaborate on select original series as well as brand-funded web content through Lightbeam Studios. 

“Through this partnership, we are building a powerful network of positivity and doing our part towards a more empathetic and healthier humanity,” said Parker Williams.  “We also look forward to possible co-productions on Lightbeam’s original series, developed with award-winning directors, producers, Hollywood talent, and top influencers.”

About Lightbeam:

Founded by Stephanie Sharis and Parker Williams, Lightbeam is a studio and distribution solution that focuses on inspiring, empathetic stories that aim to upend today’s “doomscrolling” culture. Lightbeam is the first video platform designed for our values-aligned economy – where consumers support brands that stand for the issues they care about. Lightbeam provides end-to-end solutions, from best-in-class production to targeted distribution to mindful consumers.

About Good News Network, Inc.

Good News Network was founded in 1997 by veteran news producer Geri Weis-Corbley. From the beginning, its mission has been to offset the negative effects of bad news by amplifying the good news. Now, led by co-owner Anthony Samadani, the recently formed Good News Network, Inc. will soon launch a bold new “Good News Network of Tomorrow” across every screen, amplifying and sharing good news and positive media to connect people, influencers, companies and causes, unifying all as a powerful force for good around the world.

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